Friday, April 29, 2011

Seriously!?! haha

I step on the scale this am for an unofficial weigh in..200.2.  hmm stepped back on 200.0 okay 3 times the charm 200.0.  I am happy but seriously I couldn’t drop down to 199.9!!!  so I need to be good all weekend!!!!!!!


alisonds said...

OMG so frustrating! Did you take your shirt off, and your undies off, and have a pee? LOL , I would have done anything to shed that half an ounze! Maybe cut your hair? LOL - you are SOOOOOOO close!

Amy @ Findingfitme said...

That is how 190 was for me. I hit 190.0 like 3 times. Never ever 189.9. Fustrating. Keep up the work, you will get there.

K-bell class was awesome, did snatch's for the first time with a 26lb bell. It was fun but I am fatiqued today.

The Fat Mom said...