Thursday, April 21, 2011

ONEderland curse

In 2008 I got down to 201.8 twice!  I was at 201.8 in June and then again in August.  Between those dates I stayed between 203-205.  I just couldn’t get to ONEderland.  Then I got pregnant.  Instead of fighting to get out of the 200 I was hoping not to go above the 200s.

So here we are April 2011.  Last week I hit 201.4!! yeah!!  One week later I gained, back up to 203.8.  So at first I blamed it TOM.  But I am over that and guess what?? I am still about 203.4.  I was staring to think that there is just a ONEderland Curse.  Like I just can not achieve it and need to be happy where I am at. ..tick tick tick that the sound of the clock ticking as I happily accept where I am.

Okay I am over that!  Damn it I deserve the 100s.

So I spent some time looking at food logs and thinking about my workouts.  The week I achieved 201 I worked out 5 times that included boot camp and running on my treadmill.  Last week I worked out only 3 times at extended time boot camps sessions but no running.  My food was similar all though that 201 week I started my days off with more protein then last week (but TOM will do that do you..whole wheat waffles sound way more comforting than egg whites and mushrooms). 

So while I have not seen much activity on the scale this week I am optimistic for Mondays weigh in.  I worked out at bootcamp M-W all session had between 600-700 calorie burn!  today I walked at lunch for 30 minutes and then tonight had a 656 calorie burn run on the treadmill.  I do not remember the last time I sweated like that on the treadmill.  Tomorrow I plan to walk at lunch again.  Saturday morning I will be running my 2nd 5K!

Here is my bootcamper of the month video!

So I no longer believe that there is a ONEderland curse but just incase I will sleep with my lucky penny under my pillow tonight!


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

You will get there! I van't wait to see your Wi on Monday!

alisonds said...

Good luck. I too have a plateau that I struggle to get under. It is my nemesis! I have no advice to offer that is guaranteed to work as I'm still battling my plateau too but here is advice others have given me
- cut back on sugar or cut it out altogether if you haven't already
- mix up your exercise, even doing the same routine but in reverse is supposed to be enough to shock your body
- drink more water
- get enough sleep.

Good luck with the weigh in and the run on satuday - 1derland better watch out!

alisonds said...

Also make sure you're eating enough. i started using MyFitnessPal this week only to find out I'm only eating about 1000 calories per day. Eeeek!

Amy @ Findingfitme said...

ONEderland was a hard on for me to hit. Similar stories. I dropped down to about 203 while preganat (in 2008) and on a stict low carb. Started my blog at about 219, about 10 mo post birth. Took a while for me to drop into the 190's. I hoovered at 200 +5 pounds for months.

I belive in set points. 200 was probably a weight set point for you and your body is holding on with all its might.

With the intense training you have been doing, you are converting the fat to muscle, which weighs more. Fustrating, yes. up the water and the straight cardio.

You will get there.
Amy at

Calories Burned Running said...

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