Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Biggest Loser

I just watched the biggest loser and I am slightly annoyed.  Why did the guy on the green team think in order to be successful he needed Bob and Julian?  Why does he think he needs someone in his face screaming?

My trainer doesn’t do that and I am successful. I think I would of quit along time ago if he was in my face yelling. 

I feel like the commercial profit making factor is in play here.  Jillian screaming and people puking on the floor causes people to watch and then they see the results these people get.  These contestants that are in a fishbowl.  No life interfering to temptations around every corner.  Just hours of working-out using the products of the manufacture that purchased the advertisement package from the biggest loser business office.

Instead, back here in reality, my trainer believes in me.  He knows what I can do and can not.  he knows how to get me to that next level by talking not by screaming.  When I say I can’t, he say you can and you will!  guess what I do!

Over 60 pounds loss, and no screaming!


Emma @ She Got Married said...

When I worked as a trainer, people would ask me if I was 'like Jillian'. My response was always, 'if you want me to be, I can- but I don't see the need.' I think some people like the drama, and while I like to be challenged, I'm pretty sure I would be hiding behind the stairmaster in embarassment. Congratulations on the 60 pounds, that's a real accomplishment! :)

Ellie said...

I totally agree. I was sick with Ken for suggesting that Bob and Jillian had some special super trainer powers to make him lose weight faster.

Any trainer can push you to lose weight, i think the real thing was that Ken needs someone to yell at him to make him work harder. Most people respond better to encouragement and kindness.

alisonds said...

Love your positive attitude. x

Jennifer said...

I agree with the Biggest Loser comment. I was shocked too.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I also thought his trainer got overly defensive to his initial comments. It is not about her but about him and the contestants and I think she could have handled it better. Just my opinion.