Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homeward bound

We are driving home...3.5 hours with a 2 & 5 year old....i should of packed choc and tylenol.
The last fews I havs been good as compaired to 4th of july.  Not as good as I wantes to be or shouls of been.
No more smores since my last post instead popcorn.  But last night we made campfire cookie sundaes!  It is vacation after all!  I was also bad about tracking my food and eatting.zucchini bread.
But we are homeward bound and its time to get back on track. Focused again!  I should be home in time for bootcamp! 
Here is photo from last night

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 2 jones'n

Yesterday I ate well.  After dinner I was jones'n for choc or pb.  We had mini 16/ bluebunny ice cream cones.  That didnt help a few hours later I smored it up.  After the kids went to bed I had almonds and peanut (ugh).
This morning I remembered I hid a box of cocoa 100 cal almond..dang it!  Today we r off to the zoo .i am hoping for more walking.  Have a great day everyone

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 1

Well I had hoped to get a run in before we left for emergancy nipped that in the butt.   I ate well  our friends made tacos for dinner.  I made myself a taco salad   lettuce, onion black beans.little cheese, sour cream and sauce.   My treat was 2 smores!  I will admit I had some pistachios and an oreo onto todays adventure!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saying goodbye to an old friend.

This friend has been by my side for it all; dating, engagement, marriage, pregnancies, unemployment, deaths, sadness, and all the everyday events.  My friend never judged me, he was always there when I needed him.  Always ready to open up and help with the emotions that were going on. 

I will miss my friend. Its hard to just walk away, its not like he did anything wrong.  It was me, I just couldn’t control myself around him.  So I have decided to say goodbye and walk away…




Peanut butter you have always been there for me. But I have taken advantage of you . so for now I am saying goodbye, I hope one day I will be in control of my life where I can allow you back into my home.  Until then…Goodbye!

Today is day one!!  I have not missed it yet…its more of a late night comfort blanket for me so we will see how the overnight goes!  I have to thank Karen at waisting time for giving me the kick in the rear.  She left me a comment on how she gave up PB last year. So here WE GO !!

The next few days will be easy to not miss PB because we are leaving for vacation.  I will be kicking it with Yogi and boo boo!


That will mean however that I am going to camping. Camping for me means lots of snacking and Bad choices.  The last time we were camping I gained 2.2 pounds..but rain 3 miles on 2 occasions.  We are going with other families and running is not an option.

Here is my plan of attack (Karen some of these I stole from you!)

  • Eat as I would if I was at work. Since we are splitting dinners I will decide what to eat before filling my plate and stick with it NO SECONDS
  • Drink lots of water
  • Go for walks and bike rides whenever possible
  • Allow myself one treat each night while at the campfire.
  • Eat no white carbs with the one possible exception of the orzo pasta salad we are having for dinner one night. (I will go heavy on the chicken that night too)
  • .I will not eat any salted peanuts and / or pistachios (unless they are my “treat” for the night)

Fingers crossed!  Of course there is plan B:



Friday, July 22, 2011

80 pounds and 4 inches lighter


My before from Feb 2010:


My before Today hair!…Notice its it’s the same color cut and style.  In fact other then minor changes in color and or highlights not much has changed since Hootie and the blowfish ruled the world……..that is…..


until today!

New do285467_10150244982595847_563920846_7480858_1522949_n[1]

I love it!!

Melting……if only!

I was hoping that this heat wave would cause me to melt…seriously!  Yesterdays official temp was 99..I am in upstate NY we get snow from Oct-May (really it snowed on my wedding Oct 6th and we have had snow on mothers day ) we are so not use to this weather.  Its 7am and its 82 here  I want coffee but its too hot – ice coffee anyone?!

I went to bootcamp Monday-Wednesday and then floated in my friends pool last night.  The heat has been killing my walking at work.  None the less I weigh in yesterday and I was down .4 to 183.

I will admit, I have been binging again.  Peanut butter in the middle of the night.  Its my crack.  I need to stop buying it.  oh and last night pizza and wings.  yeah I wasn’t cooking on a 100degree day.  yes I could of made a better choice but we were crashing someone pool..I couldn’t crash and bring healthy food they would of shut the door in my face!!

Anyway, I was reading Rachael Cosgroves blog the other day.  This entry here.  Its about a scale that doesn’t show you your weight.  Day one you step on it and it internally sets your current weight.  then every time you get on it just tells you your progress so you are –2 or +1 I think it even gives you a total..”you have lost a total of 5pounds”

I love the idea of the scale (not the price).  It lets you only focus on your progress and not you number.  So its more about your journey.  Yes I have lost XXnumber pounds vs feeling like OMG I am still in my 180s.

I think its pretty cool.  Today is a busy one I am doing 930 bootcamp then hair cut and getting ready for vacation.  I will be back tomorrow to post my Plan to succeed over vacation (hopefully).

Sweating at 7am ick – I seriously need to shower before bootcamp.  enjoy the heat my friends!  Drink lots of water!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“if I could just lose 200 pounds”

I am watching extreme weight loss makeover from last night.  The lady featured on the show weigh in at 456, she said “if I could just lose 200 pounds” I would be so happy.  that would put her at about where I started.  She has such a journey ahead of her.

Her mother is a total bitch…these are the quotes that made me want to kick her ass via the TV:  “I did everything I could to get you to lose weight but I had 3 other kids to raise”  “I need her to lose the weight because I don’t want to raise her kids, I already raised my kids”  She was a total bitch and made her daughter feel like she wasn’t good enough for her mother.

I have mixed emotions of this show….1) extremely overweight people are getting help – good!  2) they are losing a lot of weight fast – Danger  3)They make them weigh in at first in the basement on the freight scale.  “because there isn’t a scale big enough for you” – Such BS because they 3 months later are weighing them in at their home on a scale. Its so degrading to them.  grrr. 

4) the impact on society. .. we see these people losing hundreds of pounds in 365 days. the first 90 days they are only working out and not working – not really in the real world.  The second 90 days they are back to work and doing it on their own without the trainer guy helping.  Now I do think there are some camera tricks here A) I don’t think its really the timeline they are saying – now could this training spend 90days with all these people?? B) they are all hitting “goals” set by the trainer by 1 pound or exactly that number (really? if you trainer tells you to lose 60 pounds in 90 days you lose exactly 60??) hmm…shady

So if you weigh in this week and lose one pound after watching someone drop hundreds in 365 days how are you going to feel?  One pound is amazing that’s 50 pounds in a year if you are consistent.  We all know what its like to lose 1 pound and what it takes.   one pound is success but Don’t you think it could discourage someone?  “ugh a pound, I am so over weight what is a pound?” and then they binge eat and gain it back. 

I have such a love hate relationship with these shows.  I really prefer too fat for 15, it shows the ups and downs, the effort it takes and that 1 pound is a big deal.  What do you all think?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello kitty Cake Balls (Oreo balls)

When I started planning Emma’s 2nd birthday I originally planned a Strawberry shortcake and ice cream party.  I totally could pull I off with some great summer cupcakes.  But in May I realized she had no clue who strawberry shortcake was and she loved “kitty-kats”.  Enter the hello kitty theme!


The plan was a typical picnic lunch with a full on ice cream social.  All of the kids in attendance love ice cream, and most of the adults!  I knew cupcakes would be a waste, the kids would only eat the frosting and I would have more left over then eaten.  Enter the idea of cake balls…they were little bites and so easy to eat and walk around with.  That’s when I found these:

Here Kitty, Kitty! IMG_0951

The website is here with full instructions.  I decided to make just the hello kitty but I love the ice cream cone ones! 

Because Emma is a huge Oreo fan instead of using cake I made them with Oreos and cream cheese. this could have been mistake #1!   I chopped the Oreos in my food processor and then added the cream cheese. I rolled them into the shape as stated in the instructions.  I melted some choc and dipped the sticks in before inserting into the hello kitty heads.  I then place them in the freeze to set.

The instructions said to use white choc. chips to make the ears but I had dark choc and figured they would be fine (mistake #2).  after attaching the ears I started dipping them in the hot melted chocolate.  The chocolate started melting the ears and I had brown streaks in my hello kitty! This  was not as noticeable when I switched to the pink chocolate.

It was hot and humid here, so I had to work in batches rotating them in and out of the freeze other wise the Oreo ball would split in half when I dipped it in the chocolate.  I should of melted my chocolate in batches too.  The last few it was starting to set (mistake #3).


I tried to draw the face with the edible pens they sell at the craft stores but they do not write on melt chocolate (mistake #4).  So I ran out and picked up some gel writers to make the face!

You could see the Oreo thru some of the faces but if I had used the cake instead I think it wouldn’t of showed up (the pink looked better).  But they were a hit and tasted good (I ate a few too many )  I would certainly make them again especially for a kids party.


I still have some summer cupcake if you are having a party let me know!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

official photo

So here it is my first official photo from a race.  what do you think. I was hoping for….


less belly fat (as noticed below my shirt), less movement of flying fat in my arms and hips.  I think I look in pain.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today was weigh in day..somehow I managed to lose the 2.2 I gained last week so I am back down to 183.4.  thank god for small favors.

I continue to hit the reset button each day. today I did so good eating but after work I took the kids swimming. it was at 630 when we were coming home and none of us had eaten.  I hit the drivethru –I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich on a small bun and that was it bit I had some of emmas milkshake.  a few moments ago I had pretzels and a homemade dip (that was made from plain greek yogurt – so not terrible).

I didn’t workout today or walk on my breaks but I did swim for over an hour that has to count for something!!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

Monday, July 11, 2011

5K Update! Boilermaker 5K Race Recap


Yesterday I ran the boilermaker 5K race.  It’s a pretty big event in our area. there are 4 days of activities leading up to Boilermaker Sunday.  Sunday is the 5K at 7am, the wheelchair race and then the big 15K with 13000 racers.

My 5K race had 4000 people and it was a very interesting experience to be taking part in that. This was walking up to the starting line. 


It took me over 2 minutes to cross the start line once they sounded the canon.  For the first mile we were all jammed together till we got to a wider road and people started spreading out.  That was a good down hill part before we got to some small hills before the finish.

Just before the 3 mile mark I really wanted to walk but I told myself to keep going and push. I knew I lost some time at the beginning because I was boxed in with slower runners.  I am happy to say I ran then entire 3.1 miles without walking!! I am so very excited!

We forgot our camera and my hubby took a photo of me running on his cell.  Its not posting to here for some reason.  Here are my officially results. 


  • Distance 5K
  • Clock Time 32:42
  • Chip Time 30:17
  • Overall Place 1370 / 3187
  • Gender Place 605 / 1875
  • Division Place 58 / 197
  • Age Grade  48.9%


Next year I am totally running the 15K!!!  I have just over a month till my 10K!  time to get focused!

Here’s my boilermaker glass and Finishers pin


After the race we didn’t stick around for the big after party.  You see the biggest part of the boilermaker is that it ends at the local FX Matt brewery (they make Saranac).  All the runners get a beer! That’s just how we roll in upstate new york!!  But we had bigger things at our den.  It was my daughters 2nd bday party!!


We had a picnic and then an ice cream social.  All Hello Kitty themed!!

But in honor of Love your arms month..check out these guns! 267466_10150235018645847_563920846_7388197_7052375_n[1]

That was at the end of the very long day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love your arms month!


Okay yesterday at Ellen’s it was moving mountains day.   Here is what I posted for an update and for my July goals:

Did we skip a week how is June over already, half of 2011 is gone!! Thanks to this weeks 2.2 gain my weight loss for the month was only 5.4 but a loss is a loss! I had plans to make June my Arms month – I wanted to work on my plank and build my arm strength. After about 10 days my enthusiasm died down! Thankfully my trainer was there to step in – he has added core sessions to the start of every workout. I was able to do some real push ups without dropping my hips but it wasn’t many and it was a struggle. My training for my runs are all going well. The 5K is this weekend and I am up to almost 6 miles on my 10K training.

So here are my July goals…..
1) July will be learning to love your arms. Dang it, its tank top season and I’m “ARMED” with some good and bad features! I plan to keep building my strengths so I can do those real push -ups without struggling but I am also going to focus on being comfortable with them as they are!
2) I will continue with my weight loss journey
3) I will continue with my 10K training so that I am comfortable with a 6mile run.
4) I hope to report a great run time for this weekend 5K!
5) I would like to be able to run for 25 minutes without a break

So here are my good features


Strength (above)

I have never had that lined definition between my shoulder and bicep.  Looks hot right! (just don’t look at the flabby bottom of the arm)


Collar bones!!!


So Kelly they are not sweaty but they are preshower!!! photos!

Well we are off to build a bear today its my daughters 2nd bday!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On a bender!

So the question is how many times can you hit the reset button?  I know I have an unhealthy relationship with food.  I have been working on it.  I can control it at home and at work.  I have the occasional slip up at a party or function but I can make up for it when I go back home and hit the reset button. 

Camping that is another story. 

  • Friday I just ate too much of good foods (okay and some bad!)
  • Saturday I again had bigger portions but more process food and junk
  • Sunday I ate better till the afternoon when I split a king size snickers ice cream bar then had a candy bar at 11pm and I may of ate my weight in peanuts
  • Monday I had a tapeworm.  OMG I was so hungry
  • Today I planned to be better and I was till it was so hot out and I was late going home – Somehow I ended up in the KFC drive thru – but I got grilled chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and potato wedges (like the comedic use of the word “but”). 

I have myself to blame I am not stopping myself as I load the food in my mouth, I am not drinking enough water and I am the one buying the crap that’s in our camper.

Here is the thing. I don’t feel bad.  You know what, nobody is squeaky clean every day.  FB showed my trainer totally blitzed – how many empty calories in one beer?  It was hot I was hungry so split the snickers the last time I had one was in high school (mid 90s)  I don’t remember the last time I had mashed potatoes and gravy.  I have gone many of camping trips without a s’mores

There are many times that I do give up and go past foods I want for the sake of “being healthy and losing weight” But all those that have succeed on their journey will tell you that even now an then you can get stuck in the mud.  So I am in the mud pit but I am pushing thru. ..I hope to still have this attitude on Thursday at weight in (yes my weigh day changed again ..long story). 

Despite my eating I ran roughly 3.4-3.5 miles both Saturday and Sunday, today I went to a bootcamp session called Fireworks and barf (enough said).

I have a few weeks before we camp again – I hope to make a better game plan.  I do eat a lot of peanuts and pistachios while camping. I figure having to shell them delays the amount I eat and they have to be way better then chips!!  I will work to undo any damage I may of caused this week and get ready for this weekends race (and my daughters 2nd bday party). 

So do you have a place or event that you know is your Achilles' heel?

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well I downloaded a new app  so I am hoping I can post now.  I am also hoping I am refocused!  What is the deal .. I get up to camp and I can not shut my piehole. Food food food.  I just said no to a little debbie cosmic brownie...i had 5 peanuts and water instead. 
I also went for a quick 30 min run.   I only walked the hills  so I am pleased with that.  Next sunday is the big boilermaker.  Its the largest 15k in the country..or so the ad says.   They have crews from espn here and top runners from around the world.  They cap the race at 13000 runners.  Next year I will be one of them.   For this year along with 3999 others I will be doing the 5k.
My training has been focused on intervals and distance.  I run about 5 miles on avg for a run ...this weekend I am trying to do shorter runs with good times and min. Walking.  
After the boilermaker I have 6 weeks to get ready for the 10k I am signed up for....yeah no time for bad eatting!

Camping and struggling back on monday