Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well I downloaded a new app  so I am hoping I can post now.  I am also hoping I am refocused!  What is the deal .. I get up to camp and I can not shut my piehole. Food food food.  I just said no to a little debbie cosmic brownie...i had 5 peanuts and water instead. 
I also went for a quick 30 min run.   I only walked the hills  so I am pleased with that.  Next sunday is the big boilermaker.  Its the largest 15k in the country..or so the ad says.   They have crews from espn here and top runners from around the world.  They cap the race at 13000 runners.  Next year I will be one of them.   For this year along with 3999 others I will be doing the 5k.
My training has been focused on intervals and distance.  I run about 5 miles on avg for a run ...this weekend I am trying to do shorter runs with good times and min. Walking.  
After the boilermaker I have 6 weeks to get ready for the 10k I am signed up for....yeah no time for bad eatting!


Kelly said...

When I'm away on vacation, it's hard for me too, because we're out of our element. It helps though, to be very conscious of what you're eating and to make as a good choice as you can.

fatgirlwearingthin said...

I have no doubt that you will be out there next year with the rest of those runners. Having this 5K under your belt is pretty fantastic in of itself, though!

Jennifer said...

Are you doing the 10K at turning stone? I am considering! I am going to check out the dates online now...