Monday, May 23, 2011


Hey I just wanted to stop by quick…I am so tired tonight.  I weigh in today and I was down .6!  I was really happy with that I didn’t know what to expect since I had lost 8.2 the 2 weeks before!

This weekend will be a challenge – Camping!!! Smores, and all the other dangerous foods.

I will try to write more later this week

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The other day I went shopping for new summer clothes!  I was so happy and excited to purchase…..

SIZE 10!

I was so surprised but happy!  the brands were sonoma, Apt 9, AB studio.  In one brand I did go up to a 12 but its so much nicer feeling then my size 20 one year ago. 

Back in March my girlfriend gave me 2 bags of clothes most of which were too small. but I kept them anyway.  I knew I would fit into them soon. Well I was not expecting them this soon!  Check out the photo below of me in size 10 American Eagle jeans!


2 months ago I couldn’t get them over my hips!  Well off to bed, tomorrow is weigh in day.  I don’t have any expectations after dropping 8+ pounds in 2 weeks.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weigh In Day!!

Another weigh in day!!!  Yes that is right you are seeing “!!!”  Normally I weigh in on Mondays at work but the nurse was late and I was starving. So I decided to weigh in on Tuesday instead!  After last week’s amazing 6.4 pound loss and it being TOM; I braced for a gain or a stay the same.   Imagine my surprise when I saw a 1.8 pound loss!!
That’s right folks I am 194.6!  Or 8.2 pounds in 2 weeks.  I Love MAY!  So I am officially at 69.2 pounds!
I have continued to track my food using myfitnesspal app – I love it. Did I mention you can scan your barcodes with it?  Last week I worked out at boot camp Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  I walked during lunch because we had the most amazing weather last week (Since Saturday it has rained).  I can get a good 2 mile hike up the hilly terrain behind my office during my 30minute lunch.  Saturday and Sunday I put in 45minute interval runs coming in just under 4 miles!
The running has really pushed me to the next level and I am not talking about the weight loss on the scale.  I have had significant changes in my body now that I am putting in about 8 miles each weekend.  The fat roll (aka muffin top) is dramatically less.  I am also noticing it in my hips are not as wide!  I have this other fat roll below my bra on my ribs and it too is going away  - maybe that is from all the sideplanks we have been doing!
 I can actually feel my muscles thru the fat!  I told my husband that the fat is the blankets over my muscles and now I have the summer blanket on instead of the heavy winter ones!  Today alone I have received 3 or 4 compliments at work on how I look.  Of course dropping 8 pounds in 2 weeks helps a lot with that!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make your Own Pizza Night!

Tonight was make your own pizza night.  When I planned it I figured it would be easy if we were busy trying to get things done. well I turned out just as well with today being very overcast and drizzly.  The kids had fun with it:


Once they were done we put them in the oven, they were easy to tell the difference.  Tyler put one lone pepperoni on top of his.  Emma put 2 pepperonis that had a bite missing from them!


Mine was very Garden Friendly!!


I used a premade pizza shell and spread some basil herbed goat cheese on it. Then i added a cut up green onion, zucchini, red pepper and chicken.  I topped it with a bit of mozz. cheese!!  It was so good!  I ate 3/4 of it for under 400 calories!  David even at the other 1/4 that was left!

I know I Know I used a premade shell but what's a girl to do I was expecting to have the time to make pizza dough from scratch – not that I ever have before!!  I would love to try it some time so hit me with a good dough recipe!  

What would you put on your dream pizza?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Current photos

Its nuts here, 6 directions and not enough time in the day.  Seriously it took longer to fill the bath tub then it took to wash the kids I just didn’t have time for them to play.  we didn’t get home from tee ball till 750.  How I need to work on my appraisal input for work.

Here are some recent photos of my progress:

This was mothers day at the zoo


This was before my sons preschool prom!  That dress is a size medium


My thermometer pants that I now fit into!


Check out these arms:


I have some muscles in there they are under a layer of fat to keep them safe!

Have a great night!

Monday, May 9, 2011


If you are looking for Kristen she has Moved to ONEderland permanently!!

After last weekends unexpected water weight I didn’t want to jinx myself this week.  I actually started seeing a “1” on the scale Wednesday but I was waiting for an official weigh in to change my address to ONEderland!

My weigh in today..196.4! sweet!  Yes that’s right its 6.4 pounds from last Monday! to say I am happy or excited would be an understatement!!

I don’t know how I pulled off such a great number.  One thing I do this week was tighten up my nutrition.  If it went in my mouth I wrote it down…you know what I noticed the first day.  I was eating about 400 calories that I didn’t track.  80cal here 50 cal there. 

As I said yesterday I am using the myfitnesspal app for this.  it recommended I eat 1200 cal a day (plus they gave me more for working out).  Other then one night that I binged up to 1400, I ate between 1200-1300 each day. Before this week I was allowing myself to eat 1200-1500 plus the 400 I wasn’t recording.

I don’t really remember my workouts from last week I think I went to bootcamp Tues-Thurs, Saturday and Sunday I ran 3.92 miles in the morning and each day I walked 2 miles at lunch.

I know not to expect another big week like that – its not my style I normally only lose 1-2 pounds.  plus I had high carbs yesterday and made today my rest day so tomorrow I maybe up a bit. 

Today I did walk 2miles and chased emma for an hour on the playground.  I was kind of annoyed that the app didn’t let me record chasing a 2 year old on the playground as a workout – but it lets you record fishing..obviously made by a man!

well off to see if Vancouver can shut down Mr. Underwood’s predators!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

2 Sweet New Apps

I recently upgraded my phone.  Yeah I thought I could handle so much information and technology in the palm of my hand.  It’s a smart phone – meaning you have to be smart to use it! lol I am having issues updating my contacts – seriously.  Anyway it opened the world to Apps for me!
The first app I downloaded was app.  My friends at work have been telling me all about it.  Previously, I was texting what I at to my home email account and then adding it up in an excel spreadsheet.  The database is amazing and I love that I can access it via my cell and computer!  Oh and yI can use my camera to scan barcodes!! The quick glimpse summary is great:
The one thing I do not like is as I log my activity it gives me more calories.   I have never given myself extra calories for working out. Do any of you?  I have been sticking to the 1200 calorie guideline.  They suggest that I only eat 45g of protein a day.  that is significantly lower then what I have been doing via my trainer.

The second App was  it uses GPS to track you as you run, walk, hike, bike….!  Once you are done it gives you a total time, mileage, cal burned. avg mins per mile, your elevation, your mile times and more.  If you go on the website it has an interactive map that shows your speed with the corresponding elevation!
This is a recap of the run I did both Sat and Sunday!
Does anyone know if there is an app for Phones for Dummies?  Weight day tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yo Adrienne!

yesterday my trainer decided to become Mikey Goldmill and hold a Rocky bootcamp..complete with the music from the movie!  Omg I don’t know how the boxers do it. it was so much arm and shoulder movements.  here was the breakdown of the workout:

Station 1: KB High swing – Squatting under a rope like we were dodging a punch

Station 2: TRX squat jumps – Tricep pushup

Station 3: Cherry pickers – jabs with 3 pound weights

Station 4; Star squat jumps – Star Mountain climbs

Station 5: Burpees – push ups

It was 30 second of the first exercise and then 30 seconds of the 2nd then we had a 30 second rest.  we did 2 rounds at each station then rotated (rotation allowed no extra time beyond the 30 second rest).  Seriously I wanted to puke by the time I got to the mountain climbs.  I could hardly breath after the 1st round of burpees.  I was so happy it was over!  my HRM showed 784 calories burned.   For a finisher we did an ab workout.

Today was all strength training – it sucked with the knots in my shoulders.  but I still burn a good 500 calories (have mentioned that I love my HRM?)  I am hoping to feel better tomorrow I spent extra time on the foam roll.  My food intake has been good and my water consumption.  I am hoping to maintain the water consumption levels all week and weekend.

well have a great night everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2011

weigh in - ugh


I really think it is the ONEderland curse.

Friday I was 200.0!!! On Saturday 200.2..Saturday.  I ate well, I did try to make Kale Chips and I added a tad too much salt.  Like normal my water intake was low.  I went to 10am bootcamp and according to my HRM I burned 500 calories.  It was beautiful here on the weekend and I spent most of the day outside working in my gardens.  After dinner we went to my in-laws farm and I shoveled shit for over an hour.  my HRM showed 790 calories burned.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up Sunday morning to find  205 on the scale.  I wrote it off as water weight and failure to go potty yet again.  Off I went for a 4 mile run (in 45 minutes so proud) and took some laxatives.  I worked on drinking while chasing my daughter around at Ty’s soccer game.

So came time for my official weekly weigh in….202.8.  ugh what the shit!

So I will try again this week.  I am very annoyed but excited that last night I purchased a Medium dress.  I know I worked hard ..I am thinking about not working out tonight.  we will see I may watch the Flyers boston game from the Tmill