Friday, May 13, 2011

Current photos

Its nuts here, 6 directions and not enough time in the day.  Seriously it took longer to fill the bath tub then it took to wash the kids I just didn’t have time for them to play.  we didn’t get home from tee ball till 750.  How I need to work on my appraisal input for work.

Here are some recent photos of my progress:

This was mothers day at the zoo


This was before my sons preschool prom!  That dress is a size medium


My thermometer pants that I now fit into!


Check out these arms:


I have some muscles in there they are under a layer of fat to keep them safe!

Have a great night!


alisonds said...

You look fantastic Kristen! It's great to see your hard work paying off! x

Jennifer said...

You look great! Keep up the good work!!!I love that dress.