Friday, April 29, 2011

Seriously!?! haha

I step on the scale this am for an unofficial weigh in..200.2.  hmm stepped back on 200.0 okay 3 times the charm 200.0.  I am happy but seriously I couldn’t drop down to 199.9!!!  so I need to be good all weekend!!!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weigh in Day

Today was weigh in day. I didn’t know what to expect the last week I was like a roller coaster.  Then with Easter who knew how it was going to go!  Lucky for me I was down 2 pounds  I still have .4 to go to make up the damage from last weeks weigh in.   That puts me at 201.8..could this be the week I break out of the 200’s?!!!
I did my best to stay out of trouble during yesterdays calorie-fest I mean holiday!  Once my children crashed from their candy high I hit the T’Mill for an hour.  I did the interval training ranging from 4mph to 6mph outside my warm up and cool down. According to my HRM it was 1100+ calories burned. 
Today I walked at lunch with the office nurse and a co-worker.  Then I went to bootcamp for a strength training session after work.  That was 500+calories burned!
Other non-scale victories this week:
  • I fit into my “thermometer” jeans!  a few months ago I couldn’t even get them on.
  • I realized I could wrap and overlap my fingers around my wrist, and wrap a normal size towel around me!
  • I am gaining on my husband!!!
I had photos for this post but they are not working so I hope you don’t mind just reading!  I am getting sleepy have a great night!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

One will not hurt you

If I hear that one more time this weekend. I am going to lay a smack down on someone!  Here the quick math of all the times I have heard that this weekend:

Muffin at bake sale 500
Fish Fry w/ FF and cole slaw 1500
Sugar cookies 200 (bc I know I would have had at least 2!)
Chicken wing Dip and chips 500
the other 1/2 of the cake from the shower 350
Brownie ice cream sundae 375
Baked Potatoes with cheese 275
TOTAL 3700

So yes one will hurt me.  I have made the decision not to eat it please accept that decision and support it!

Good luck to all you out there!  Are you running into the same problem.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This weather is making me so tired.  I just made Easter baskets and hid eggs!  now I am getting ready for bed. Tomorrow will be busy as I am cooking.  Thankfully I don’t like a lot of the food I am cooking so I am hoping the keeps me from eating too much.

The baby shower today only had snack food – I had only ate a protein shake expecting to be severed lunch at the afternoon event.  So I filled up my cake plate with veggies and fruit. But then I had 1 tablespoon of taco dip that turned in to 4 and a handful of chips.  oh then their was the 4 chocolate covered strawberries and 1/2 slice of cake. I have no idea how many calories I ate but before going to the shower I had eaten 455 and Since coming home I have under 400.  I think I am okay.  I didn’t hit my water goal today.  And I forgot my HRM to see how many calories I burned at the 10am boot camp.  it had to of been good for 500 calories. We shall see!  WI 2 days away!

Well off to bed!  Happy Easter!!

39 heavy rain, wind and flood watch

Umm yeah I am not going to my 5K.  Its not worth me getting sick because we may actually get to 70 degrees this week.  I don’t want to miss it because I am sick in bed.  I am really disappointed.

My new plan is a 10am bootcamp session then a baby shower.  I have to bake desserts tonight for easter..may sneak an afternoon run in if the rain stops.  There are several 5k in May I will do one.

Friday, April 22, 2011

5K ready?

Tomorrow morning I am running my 2nd 5K.  I am ready except for the weather:

Saturday:  Breezy with steady morning rain and scattered afternoon showers.  Temp for the race 39.

That’s going to be great. 

The plan was for my husband to bring the kids but I don’t know if they will now that its going to be cold an rainy.  My GF is walking while I run but she can not get there till about 10 minutes before the start and she wants me to ride with her. I don’t think she understands that I need to stretch.  I guess I will just meet her there.  I really hope its not raining so my kids can go. Sad smile

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ONEderland curse

In 2008 I got down to 201.8 twice!  I was at 201.8 in June and then again in August.  Between those dates I stayed between 203-205.  I just couldn’t get to ONEderland.  Then I got pregnant.  Instead of fighting to get out of the 200 I was hoping not to go above the 200s.

So here we are April 2011.  Last week I hit 201.4!! yeah!!  One week later I gained, back up to 203.8.  So at first I blamed it TOM.  But I am over that and guess what?? I am still about 203.4.  I was staring to think that there is just a ONEderland Curse.  Like I just can not achieve it and need to be happy where I am at. ..tick tick tick that the sound of the clock ticking as I happily accept where I am.

Okay I am over that!  Damn it I deserve the 100s.

So I spent some time looking at food logs and thinking about my workouts.  The week I achieved 201 I worked out 5 times that included boot camp and running on my treadmill.  Last week I worked out only 3 times at extended time boot camps sessions but no running.  My food was similar all though that 201 week I started my days off with more protein then last week (but TOM will do that do you..whole wheat waffles sound way more comforting than egg whites and mushrooms). 

So while I have not seen much activity on the scale this week I am optimistic for Mondays weigh in.  I worked out at bootcamp M-W all session had between 600-700 calorie burn!  today I walked at lunch for 30 minutes and then tonight had a 656 calorie burn run on the treadmill.  I do not remember the last time I sweated like that on the treadmill.  Tomorrow I plan to walk at lunch again.  Saturday morning I will be running my 2nd 5K!

Here is my bootcamper of the month video!

So I no longer believe that there is a ONEderland curse but just incase I will sleep with my lucky penny under my pillow tonight!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WI–crazy week

Monday I weigh in – gain of 2.6.  Back up to 203.8 grr.  If you read my Sunday post you know why.  TOM and totally backed up.  Plus lack of working out. last week I only worked out Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – Rocking I know.  don’t you love how all diets tell you to lose weight you need to eat right and working out 3 times a week.  Yeah okay..for me I have to workout like 6.  I am hoping maintaining means 3 times a week.

I am still on my Bootcamper of the month high!! sweet!  Steve wanted me to wear a sash tonight while working out. can you imagine having that on while doing burpees.  Tonights workout was intense – all metabolic conditioning.  40-20 3 rounds at each station 5 stations.  756 calories burn! sweet!

This week is nuts.  We have tylers tball, haircuts, dinner with friends. Saturday I am running 5K that I feel I have not been training for (only going to bootcamp and not running), a baby shower and I have to get ready for easter.  I am totally multitasking.  Right now I am sitting on the toilet (lid down!! ) watching the kids play in the tub and updating my blog, with a load of laundry going. 

Did you see the time for the winner of the boston marathon??  Dude my marathon time is 24/7/365 – I feel like I run a marathon every day!!

Well time to wash some dirty kids!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am a mess.  I have girly problems and other issues. I have been eating right but I have not worked out since Thursday.  My weight is still at 204.  I have no interest in working out tonight.

Okay this is TMI – be warned (Its that bad)  So first its that time of the month, insert the bloating, crapping and mood swings.  Then its was the first full week of eating clean nothing processed and now I am constipated.  I went to the nutrition shop and tried their detox pill.  Yeah it made me very tense but I don’t feel I have detoxed at all as of day 3.

So now its 830pm on a Sunday, after a cold raining weekend (actually I think its snowing).  I need to go workout.  If nothing else, I need to get on that damn treadmill and run.  Saturday I am running a 5K.  I have not ran since last Sunday. 

Like I said I am a mess. a mess lacking motivation

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Dinner

My grandfather had knee replacement surgery mid March.  He is still going to PT 3 times a grandmother must drive him to all his appointments.  Plus there is all the house work and outside stuff.  She is really exhausted from it,even at her young age of 79.  I wish I could go down and do more.  I work a 9 hour day, then there the gym, and Tyler has tball several times a week.  Its just not in the cards, my aunt doesn’t work and I would have thought she would be doing a little bit more. 

I told her I would handle Easter dinner.  So now I am trying to come up with a menu.  I prefer planning for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  So I am looking for suggestions. 

I need to merge healthy with what the family is use to.  Let me know if you have any good ideas or websites.  I will be doing some web searches tonight after the kids to to bed.

I hope to post more later!  I got new sneakers!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am doing a great happy dance right now!  The following message went out to everyone at my gym:

Every month at Next Level Performance Boot Camps we highlight a member who has exemplified hard work, dedication, and positive attitude!
This months Boot Camper of the Month is Kristen !
Kristen has lost over 60 lbs. of body fat, and is still working towards
her goals! She consistently motivates fellow members.
Make sure to congratulate Kristen on Facebook and when you see her!
Hope you are killin it like Kristen!
P.S.- If you aren't a member and would like to join us make sure to
contact us ASAP so you can meet YOUR fat loss and fitness goals just
like Kristen!

I am so excited!  To be noticed by steve as going above others is great.  I workout with some amazing people!!!  I am so very excited

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wrong direction

I am not sure what's going on.  I know that I should not be weighing myself everyday but I am.  I am sure a majority of you do it too!  so these are my numbers:

  • sat: 201.4
  • sun: 202.3
  • Mon: 201.4
  • Tues:202.3
  • Wed: 203.6

So what is going on.  I am trying not to freak about it of course I didn’t workout today. My little man had his first cavity filled today and that took up most of the afternoon.  then after dinner we had a very over priced contractor come and quote us on adding a sunroom off the back of the house.  He was crazy he wanted 80K for 400 square feet. 

So what do you think, do you overly weigh yourself? how does it effect your day and actions? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Biggest Loser

I just watched the biggest loser and I am slightly annoyed.  Why did the guy on the green team think in order to be successful he needed Bob and Julian?  Why does he think he needs someone in his face screaming?

My trainer doesn’t do that and I am successful. I think I would of quit along time ago if he was in my face yelling. 

I feel like the commercial profit making factor is in play here.  Jillian screaming and people puking on the floor causes people to watch and then they see the results these people get.  These contestants that are in a fishbowl.  No life interfering to temptations around every corner.  Just hours of working-out using the products of the manufacture that purchased the advertisement package from the biggest loser business office.

Instead, back here in reality, my trainer believes in me.  He knows what I can do and can not.  he knows how to get me to that next level by talking not by screaming.  When I say I can’t, he say you can and you will!  guess what I do!

Over 60 pounds loss, and no screaming!

Monday, April 11, 2011

WI and wild wild workouts

Today was my weigh in (yeah!! for new weigh in days).  If you remember, last Monday with my unexpected weigh in after lunch I was 206.8.  However that was also weight that morning when I home weigh in.  So my officially weigh today was!!!!  201.4!! yes that’s correct 201.4!


My trainer was so kind to help push me towards ONEderland this after.  It was suppose to be an off week workout (normally strength training).   Instead it was 5 rounds of KB swings,TRX S-crunch, Med ball smashers, ring rows, Squat to press.  It was killer it took me an hour and according to my HRM I burned 1215 calories.  I have never burned that many since I got it!  I was very excited and justifiably very tired from the workout.

This was this past Friday's workout. 

I am still recovering..sadly I forgot my heart rate monitor that day.

In other news before I go to bed (even though general hospital is really good tonight).  I signed up for my 2nd 5K on the 23rd!  I am really looking forward to it!  I am considering running a 10K in August.  I am still successfully tracking my food each day.  I really feel it has been the key to my success for the last 3 weeks.

Have a great night everyone.!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring tee ball

I just wanted to check in quickly.  Not too much to update.  Its Hell week at bootcamp….I missed todays craziness. I could do it at home but…..

I have worked out every day since March 20th except for one.  I have not seen the scale move since Tuesday despite eating well and tracking my food.  I have been getting up at 430 but going back to bed because I am so sore.  So think at the moment I am going to just give myself a rest for tonight.

One of my favorite foods is ice cream. Today is the first day it has felt like spring here…we hit the Mid 50s!  Being a crazy New Yorker I wore open toe shoes today!  Today was also my son’s first Tee ball practice ( how did he get so big).  After practice we went to the ice cream place..they were having .49cent cones.  I only ate the bottom of Emma's cone, she had sucked the ice cream out.


She was very aggressive and possessive of her cone!  The Tee ball coach wants to have practice at the times I go to the gym. I can not go to the earlier sessions because that is when I get out of work and if I want to go to the later one I would still miss 1/2 Tyler's practice.  I am fine with missing practice but not the games.  However we have to be on the field with Ty so I was thinking about hiring a girl to watch emma.  That way david could be on the field and I could go to bootcamp on practice nights.  Does that make me a bad mom?  My in laws think I am nuts.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New weigh in day

I have a new weigh in day.  We decided that we are going to weigh in on Mondays.  The bad news is that this was decided after lunch and 15oz of water.  I weigh in up 2.8 back to 206.8.  I am not stressing over it, even though I saw a similar number on the scale this am.

I was a bad girl on the weekend. I just felt in a funk.  I was good on Friday until we went out to dinner and I just went wild. I even blew my calories by a meal or two.  Saturday I was better but Sunday I was a grazer.

I have successfully tracked my food for 2 weeks!! yeah me! Also since march 20th I have workout out everyday except for one.  Some days I have done 2 workouts.

Today my trainer asked for a before photo..he is updating his website.  Not that excited looking at before photos  I probably should be but I really don’t want admit that I looked like that.

Well off to get something done around the house. Night all!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shrimp Pasta and Grilled Pork steaks with Grill Asparagus

It was a weekend of yummy dinners.  Saturday Night we made shrimp pasta!


Sorry the photo was from my cell phone.  Anyway I used a lot of veggies in this dish to off set the carbs in the pasta.  I actually only cooked 2 servings of pasta for 4 people.  While the pasta was cooking I combined the following in a large pan:

  • 1 Tbsp of EVOO
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • zucchini
  • 1/2 yellow squash
  • Portabella mushroom
  • 1/2 sweet onion
  • Crushed garlic

After all the veggies were cooked, about 4-6 minutes, I added the cooked shrimp to heat it up.  Adding salt, pepper, basil, oregano and some fresh green onions completed the veggies and protein.

The sauce was very easy.  In a small pan I heated 1 tablespoon of basil infused canola oil.  Once that was heated I added a tablespoon of corn starch and whisked to blend.  This helps take the taste of the cornstarch down a notch.  Be careful not to burn it to the bottom, you just want everything blended.  Then whisk in 1 cup of chicken broth or stock.  Wisk in slowly to avoid bumps.  As the chicken broth begins to boil it will thicken. Keep whisking and add 3 Tbsp. of grated parmesan cheese.

It was really yummy.  David had 2 servings!

Tonight for dinner we had grilled pork steaks and asparagus.


I just used some of my in-laws seasoning on the pork steaks with a little salt and pepper.  On the asparagus I sprinkled EVOO and balsamic vinegar along with black pepper and sea salt.  The dressing from the asparagus dripped down onto the pork!  It was so yummy!

I completed it with a salad, you could add some red potatoes or rice to complete the meal but I was trying to cut back on the carbs.

David finished the night with this:


I had a 55 calorie protein smoothie!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Menu Plan

Here is the menu for the next 2 weeks:

  • Tonight – eat in Syracuse
  • Sat 4/2 – Shrimp pasta
  • Sun 4/3 – Pork Steaks with asparagus
  • Mon 4/4 – Steak with wild Mushrooms
  • Tues 4/5 – Stuffed peppers
  • Wed 4/6 – Grill Chicken
  • Thurs 4/7 – Haddock
  • Fri 4/8 -  Minute “philly” steak sandwiches
  • Sat 4/9 – Kabobs with grilled potatoes
  • Sun 4/10 – Beer can chicken
  • Mon 4/11 – Pesto pasta with left over chicken
  • Tues 4/12 – Hamburgers / hot dog
  • Wed 4/13 -  Grilled Cod
  • Thurs 4/14 – TBD