Monday, April 4, 2011

New weigh in day

I have a new weigh in day.  We decided that we are going to weigh in on Mondays.  The bad news is that this was decided after lunch and 15oz of water.  I weigh in up 2.8 back to 206.8.  I am not stressing over it, even though I saw a similar number on the scale this am.

I was a bad girl on the weekend. I just felt in a funk.  I was good on Friday until we went out to dinner and I just went wild. I even blew my calories by a meal or two.  Saturday I was better but Sunday I was a grazer.

I have successfully tracked my food for 2 weeks!! yeah me! Also since march 20th I have workout out everyday except for one.  Some days I have done 2 workouts.

Today my trainer asked for a before photo..he is updating his website.  Not that excited looking at before photos  I probably should be but I really don’t want admit that I looked like that.

Well off to get something done around the house. Night all!


Need to Get ME Back said...

I weigh in on Sunday and I feel like doing it at the end of the weekend keeps me accountable not to go overboard Friday or Saturday. Hope its good for you :)

How nice that you are doing so well that your trainer wants you on the website!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

That is great that he wants you on the website!

It is great that you are tracking your food!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Came by from Ellen's blog. Kudos to you for tracking and working out:)