Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still Here…and holding strong

I can not believe its been 2 months since I last posted. I am so sorry.  I feel very bad.  I really have no excuse other than I am going 37 different directions and my blogs were what I had to give up. 

Here is a quick recap of the last 2 months:

  • Ran the 10 that I blogged about.
  • Had a beautiful weekend in the Adirondacks Columbus weekend.
  • October 16th we lost our 10 year old lab you can read about him here
  • The snow storm that hit NYC and the hudson valley Halloween weekend caused my husbands crew to be sent down there to help for a week.  Single momville
  • Got a new puppy named dunkin
  • when on a 3 night cruise to the bahamas with no kids
  • Turned 32
  • a day later my son turned 6
  • two days later I cooked Thanksgiving for 15 then left at 7pm to shop all night!
  • First of many xmas parties were last weekend

So that is the cliff note versions!  During all that I had been having some medical issues – girly in nature.  Massive mood swings, very tired, short periods.  I should also mention my weight has not changed since mid august.  Still holding strong around 178/177.  I saw a doctor about my “problems” and she thinks a) my body just realized that I have dropped 96 pounds, b) that this is really normal but being overweight all these years I accept abnormal as normal c) After 96 pounds lost they think I may have a thyroid issue…I was retested this morning.  I hope to have more news on that later this week. 

After returning from the cruise (and spending 12 hours in the Orlando airport) I have been suffering from a back injury that has limited what I can do at bootcamp.  The doctor said its probably your bodies weigh of saying hey you just spent 18 months doing crazy things and dropping 96 pounds now I (my back) needs to get adjusted to carrying this new weight with my new posture. 

I finally felt good enough about myself to take a cruise or tropical vacation.  When we got married I had gain about 85 pounds in 4 years.  I did not want to look at 235 pound honeymoon photos in a bathing suit so instead we when to the mountains where I am in jeans and  a sweatshirt in every photo!  On the cruise I walked around in my bathing suit, wore strapless shirts and a sleeveless dress!

You have to love the ocean


Well I have to go watch Sons of Anarchy. I will try to update more this week.  I missed you all!