Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Running can be the Pits!

Yesterday I ran in my 2nd 10K.  This event was held to raise scholarship money in the name of a fallen NY State trooper. The official website for the race is http://www.pitrun.org/ it tells how the trooper was killed off duty stopping an armed robbery.  Very Touching.

When we left our house at 730am it was poor cats and dogs, cold and plain right nasty but we had hope that accuweather would be correct.

We arrived about 5 minutes before the kids race, the sun was shinning and the bbq were smoking! did I mention the free BBQ afterwards – by the best in the state.  Seriously, brooks BBQ has been on the food network more than once.

I ran over to registration while david signed the kids up for the kids race.  Emma was happy chilling in her stroller with her snack but tyler ran!

Tyler is in the white long sleeve shirt!  It was really cute, each kid had a bib #1! they were given these nice draw string bags with coloring books, magnets, pencils and more. 

The 10K and 5K started off together.  We had to walk to the main road outside the park that the event was held in for the start. 

We had a quick family photo before I started


Every one was lined up and ready to go.


So I saw 2 people run the race without any shoes. That just freaks me out thinking about it. I mean I walk around my house in the summer or at camp without shoes all the time but to run a 10K? that is crazy.

Back to the race.  At the 5K/10K split I really wanted to just go to 5K course! my leg was cramping and this was before the hill from hell.   But I didnt .  The hill was so deceiving. You would go up a hill and it would look like around the corner it would level off, then you got to the top of that corner and realized there was more and more and more and more. it was about 1.5 miles of steep hills.  I had to walk twice.  My leg was so crapped and it was only one leg. 

Finally down hill for about .75 miles, it was a steep down hill run glad we didn’t go up that side! 
Before I talk about the rest, Mile 1, 3, 4 they had people calling out your mile splits.  At mile 3, I thought they said 41minutes. I was like WTF – that is way off my normal pace and this was just at the start of the hill.     Mile 4 was just as we started decsending from the hill and they said 42 minutes so I felt much better that I was on track. Well I was hope full that I had misheard the mile 3 person and not the mile 4.

At mile 5 I wanted to walk but I could smell the FREE AMAZING BBQ!! so I kept going around a turn where there was another small hill.  Then we went back down to main street. I thought that I just had to cross the bridge and run towards the center of the park where the finish line was.  I need to read better.  I sprinted down main street and 1/2 thru the park before I realized we had to pass the finish line to the other side of the park and come back.  RUN FOREST RUN!

OMG were my legs burning. I had no idea what time it was. I could hear the names of the people crossing the finish line but not the times. I wanted to push but I had already sprinted.  Finally I made that far turn and headed back towards the finish line.  I thought I could read it as 60minutes so I started  digging deep for anything I could find.  I sprinted as hard as I could.

I wasn’t sure of my official time but knew I hit it out of the park!! my old time was 68minutes.  My new time was :

This photo is so funny, I look like I was in pain but everyone just stopped in the road just over the finish line.  so here I am like a steamroller sprinting to the finish ready to take out the hundreds of people standing there.  it was like a scene from running of the bulls.  I really wasn’t in pain I was just trying to back it down a bit!
Sorry I don’t have a photo of the BBQ. Tyler ate my roll, Emma at half my chicken, baked potato, and cookie and David ate my cole slaw. 

I am very happy I finished with a better time! So I guess on the next one I hope/plan to break the one hour mark!  I am so tired today I went to bootcamp to work of the bbq and cider donut I had! we went to a cute and fun apple mill on the way home!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10K–take 2!

Tomorrow I am running my second 10K.  My 5 year old is doing the kids fun run before hand.  I may let the 2 year old do it but she is not feeling that good. We will see how tomorrow is. The weather on the local news is not that good of a forecast.  The accuweather  shows this:


Tylers run is at 9:45 and mine is at 10:45.  I was hoping to finish by noon this is a very challenging course, I maybe inspired by that forecast to kick it in gear and get done before the rain!

this even is about 90 minutes south of our house.  There is really could cider mill that we want to stop at one the way home with the kids!! 

Wish me luck!