Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weigh in

today I weigh in – long story short we can and are encouraged to wear jeans to work this week – so I weight in with jeans and had eaten breakfast.  Typically a no no for me.  The scale said I was down .4

My roller coaster has not ended for every up there is a down.

Interesting thing at work…I was asked to be apart of the wellness committee which is an agency wide group.  They are going to interview me for an upcoming article in our business journal on balance of work, family and wellness!  Today an email went out to the workforce today talking about the efforts of the committee.  About an hour later we all received an email that our local office Free state of the art fitness center was going to close each day before we get out of work.  Now the other agency that funds the fitness center is allow duty hours for fitness so it doesn’t really impact them.  But our 1200 employees are SOL.  Its really frustrating I sent some emails and hoping I could find a way to make a difference – I will keep you posted.

well time to sign off for the night.

Monday, September 26, 2011


When did I get on a roller coaster? 

HIGH: Saturday morning I was doing great. I had weight myself that morning and saw a big drop (177). I jogged to my in-laws and ate great.  Even posted a blog update!  The jog home was not as good…..

LOW: I was so hungry after that 2nd run. I walked in the house and finished my daughters hot dog, then showered and ate 2 eggs. I had already ate lunch at my in-laws.  I went shopping with Emma and then at 630 met my GF and her son for dinner. It was my cheat meal for the week – not that I had really earned it.  I had only been good one day.  I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese but on a wheat roll.  Oh yeah and it came with fries that I ate. I arrived home to eat a lofthouse cookie.

HIGH: So I added up my calories and I was over my normal allowed amount. But…I was not over what I had burned with the jogs.

Low: I woke up Sunday morning and I was so sore from the runs.  MY calves hurt so bad.  Then I weigh myself and I was at 179.  So I didn’t go for a run. 

High: I did go shopping, take Tyler to soccer and work in the garden.   I made a great salad that can be found on my Family blog here!

Low: So I had  a chocolate chip cookie because I didn’t think I ate that much and my in laws dropped them off

High: Back on track at work today. Food all planned out and with left over salad for lunch despite my 181 weight this am.

Low: I calculated the salad to be 400 calories per serving with out any pork or chicken added…after I ate it for lunch.  My BFF from North Carolina Showed up at work, so we took her out to lunch.  I wasn’t going to eat, but jackass Josh ordered a large pizza supreme and 10 wings.  There is only so long before a food addict can sit with that it her face. 1.5 slices and 3 wings later I wanted to puke. 

High: the kids started swim lessons today and loved it. but …

Low: they fought the entire ride home. A giant migraine later I just wanted to go to bed. but I pushed thru..

SUPER HIGH:  I was able to get the kids to bed, the kitchen cleaned, the 4 loads of laundry that I ignored yesterday folded and put away.  So it was 915 I was so tired and still had that headache….but I went and ran on my treadmill.  Yes I did 30 minutes of 4mp-6mph intervals.  In honor of Kelly here is a sweaty photo!


nice red face, really sweaty.  I feel so much better now. I am so glad I made myself do it! 

So I may not have all of my MOJO back but I am glad I am still having good moments.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get up and get moving

I am testing new app on my phone so I hope this posts okay.  I feel muxh better!  I struggled all week..resulting in a 1.6 gain.  Putting me at 179.6   I am not happy  but I had myself to blame. 

Something changed yesterday...i had alot of chocolate do to stress at work but I still stayed in my calories...

This morning I am working at my unlaws farm stand.  I knew I wouldnt be able to go to bootcamp.  I also knew that wait till afterwards would lead no workout so I did my 30 minute run down to the farmstand and planning to do the same on the way back.

I was so surprised how well I did since I hadnt run in about a month.  And yesterdays bootcamp....1000 jump,ropes   we did 100 between each weight movement.   We thats all for now my battery is dieing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I lost my Mojo

I don’t know what my problem is.  It’s so tied to the stress in my life, the changing weather and lack of sleep but the fact is those are just more excuses.  I have no mojo.  I don’t have that push to get up and get moving, to avoid the temptations of the world.  Part of the issue is while I am not satisfied with where I am at, I am happy so its not pushing me to stay  focused and on track.

I don’t even know what to write to keep the post going. 

Today I went to work despite feeling like crap.  But then I wanted carbs, a bagel with PB.  I only ate half of it but I also had candy.  I am just making slow steps forward.  like 2 forward and 1 step back.  I was at 177 about a month ago but now I am ate 178 last week.  This morning I was at 184.  In the mean time I am rocking out at bootcamp – I moved up to the 62 pound KettleBell for swing.  I can push thru a workout but its because I have to in order to undo what I have done nutritionally.  I want to go back to workout for me not for damage control.

I have not run in a while.  The last time I ran was when my foot was sore for days afterwards.   Running use to let me clear my mind.  Its one hour of me pushing myself ..vs a trainer standing over me pushing me. Its one hour of me to think things thru verse the 20 minute one way drive to Next level of me thinking about the to do list.  so….

I figured its do or die time. I stayed on track this summer because I had something to focus on.  I needed that again I signed up for the toughest 10K in our area.  There is a 1 mile up hill run that is so freaking steep – you know the hills that colleges are built on..this hill is so steep it has 2 colleges.

So here’s the thing its 13 days away. and Like I said I have not run in about 21 days. I have no choice to eat well, I have no choice to stay focused and stay moving.  Did I mention my family is going, hubby, kids, mom, sister and maybe Bff and her kids?  yeah this race is 90 minutes away. afterwards they are having the best chicken bbq our area offers.  Then we are going to a pumpkin farm and cider mill. 

I am optimistic that this is the answer, that my funk is over.

Friday, September 9, 2011

TG for the freaking weekend

I love that song by Rihanna!  Its so how I feel right now!\

Last week I was up at my weigh in – which I expected.  But not up 2.4 pounds.  Anyway TOM showed up that morning and that didn’t help.  But it is what it is and off I went camping over the holiday weekend. 

We had a great time! hiking, biking, kayaking, eating.  I was super active which was good it kept balance with all the peanuts I was eating.  And chocolate thanks to TOM.  Then the crazy stress started…

Tuesday was just new hours at work and the 2nd day for the kids at the new daycare.  Then Wednesday we had 4 hours of orientation at kindergarten.  In the middle of it I was getting teary-eyed and David said: Whats the matter? really dude!  During all this on Wednesday it rained and rained and rained.  They are saying we officially had under 4” of rain but people in my town are reporting 5”  there was so much flooding that tylers first full day of kindergarten was cancelled. Yes that is right our district had to close for flooding on the 2nd day of school.  It was a mess in part of our town – some people lost so much.  Our house was fine thankfully.

By this morning I was so tired even my male boss noticed.  I have only been getting like 4-5 hours of sleep.  I went into work for a short time to work on a deadline.   I left late, got stuck in traffic and missed seeing my son get on the bus for his first day of school.  I feel like shit over it.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of my week.  So I didn’t even weigh in this week.  it happens right!  I stepped on the scale at lunch today with jeans and I was the same as last week so that promising! 

Thank god for the freaking weekend – I hope my kids sleep in tomorrow!

Still here

Hey its been a crazy ten days in upstate ny.  I will try to update,later tonight....i am still on the wagon and holding steady on  my weight.