Monday, September 26, 2011


When did I get on a roller coaster? 

HIGH: Saturday morning I was doing great. I had weight myself that morning and saw a big drop (177). I jogged to my in-laws and ate great.  Even posted a blog update!  The jog home was not as good…..

LOW: I was so hungry after that 2nd run. I walked in the house and finished my daughters hot dog, then showered and ate 2 eggs. I had already ate lunch at my in-laws.  I went shopping with Emma and then at 630 met my GF and her son for dinner. It was my cheat meal for the week – not that I had really earned it.  I had only been good one day.  I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese but on a wheat roll.  Oh yeah and it came with fries that I ate. I arrived home to eat a lofthouse cookie.

HIGH: So I added up my calories and I was over my normal allowed amount. But…I was not over what I had burned with the jogs.

Low: I woke up Sunday morning and I was so sore from the runs.  MY calves hurt so bad.  Then I weigh myself and I was at 179.  So I didn’t go for a run. 

High: I did go shopping, take Tyler to soccer and work in the garden.   I made a great salad that can be found on my Family blog here!

Low: So I had  a chocolate chip cookie because I didn’t think I ate that much and my in laws dropped them off

High: Back on track at work today. Food all planned out and with left over salad for lunch despite my 181 weight this am.

Low: I calculated the salad to be 400 calories per serving with out any pork or chicken added…after I ate it for lunch.  My BFF from North Carolina Showed up at work, so we took her out to lunch.  I wasn’t going to eat, but jackass Josh ordered a large pizza supreme and 10 wings.  There is only so long before a food addict can sit with that it her face. 1.5 slices and 3 wings later I wanted to puke. 

High: the kids started swim lessons today and loved it. but …

Low: they fought the entire ride home. A giant migraine later I just wanted to go to bed. but I pushed thru..

SUPER HIGH:  I was able to get the kids to bed, the kitchen cleaned, the 4 loads of laundry that I ignored yesterday folded and put away.  So it was 915 I was so tired and still had that headache….but I went and ran on my treadmill.  Yes I did 30 minutes of 4mp-6mph intervals.  In honor of Kelly here is a sweaty photo!


nice red face, really sweaty.  I feel so much better now. I am so glad I made myself do it! 

So I may not have all of my MOJO back but I am glad I am still having good moments.


Kelly said...

Love, love the sweaty pic! Doesn't it feel lately like we are ALL on some kind of roller coaster? Ugh.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Me too:) But now we need to work on that elusive "consistency."