About Me


to my life battle. where to start? I have always been heavy its has always been a battle for me. By some miracle..okay a growth spurt, i lost a lot of weigh around 11th grade and managed to feel good about myself . I weigh in at about 150.

College came and it the freshmen 15 per semester. by the time i graduated college i was about 80 pounds heavier than high school. I walked down that asle as a fat bride ..about 235. Over the next few years i hid from my fat by eating more. I slowly moved up about 20 more pounds.

After my son was born I lost my job and a bit of depression pushed me up higher. I remember signing up for weigh watchers and weighing in at 273 pounds. Seeing that number was like a gun shot to the chest. In about 4 months time I was able to get down to 240. For the rest of 2007 I hopped around in the 240s.

2008 was a changing moment for me. I woke up new years and I was sick of everything: Sick of how I felt, sick of how looked, what clothes I had. That moment was enhanced by that weight loss competition at work. By June of 2008 I was down 46 pounds to 201! Life was great. I have some great photos from that summer of me! By fall I was pregnant, and to avoid morning sickness I was eating carbs like mad.

I was 280 something when i gave birth in July 2009...that summer I was able to get down to 249 but gained it back during the holidays.

So there I was on January 1st 2010..263 pounds, Nasty. I started working out and watching what I was eating. I ended up losing about 18 pounds by June 1 - or 1 pound a week. Then I was selected by the local tv station to work with a trainer all summer and lose weight. MVBW - could this be what I needed?

Yes it was by the end of the contest I was down 25 pounds.  I have not stopped!  I recently moved into ONEderland!  I now feel anything is possible!  I know this will not be easy but i will use this as my place to say what i need to, inspire myself by my prior achievements and reward myself. Please feel free to follow along it will not always be pretty or politically correct.

I know that there is a hot mama inside....now to get her out of hiding!