Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grew up and Gave up

I have not been here to update my blog …I just have not given myself the time.  So I am sitting here watching the biggest loser and I reminded myself to update my blog.  As I opened the new entry one of the contestants was weighing in and said..”I grew up and I Gave up” WOW. Nail on the head.  I did that.  I went to college and focused on school. I got engaged and focused on the wedding.  I got married and focused on building a house.  We built a house and made a home.  Then I became pregnant and lost my job. Then I got a new demanding job.  I tried to balance motherhood, wife, worker, and life.  I never made time for me.  I grew up and took on adult challenges and gave up on me.  

Now I fight to maintenance a balance in my life.  Work, Gym, Mom, eat right, wife, friend, Sister.  I jam a 30 hour day into a 24.  And it would be easier if I didn’t go to the gym but I know how I feel when I am not at this weight.  I know I want to see how far I can go on this journey. 

My hubby starts his new hours next week. And I plan to cut back my workouts to 3 times a week at Next Level Performance.  I will try to do workouts at home but here I am on the computer and not working out.  I did run to target tonight and Hannafords so that killed a lot of time on me.  I need to focus on eating clean.

That brings me to recapping the last few weeks.  So after my back to back 2.6 losses per week, Last week I lost .4.  I was okay with that.  I didn’t workout as much and I didn’t write my food down.  There was some emotional eating and cheating.  This last week there was a lot more cheating because of my and ty’s bdays.  So I gained a killer 3.2 and that put back down to below 50 pounds.  But I am going to climb back up.

I do worry that it was so easy to gain that much with what cheating I did do.  Now this week I have thanksgiving.  I am cooking so that will allow me to stay in control I will know that nobody is putting sticks and stick of butter in things.    Good luck this week to everyone.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Success 50.8 baby

I can not believe I did it  another week at 2.6 pounds lost.  How sweet is that.  Since I only needed 1.8 to hit the 50 pound mark you can understand my excitement when I saw that extra .8 loss on the scale.  I am so happy. I am trying to be good and eat strict.  I feel like that goal to be at 200 by January is obtainable again.  8 weeks and 13 pounds.  I need to remind myself of how I feel right now when I go to put junk in my mouth or decided not to go to boot camp!  Its so good to see that number getting down…I am really looking forward to see that 1—!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Measurements updates


Here they are my new measurements:

Area Oct Nov Difference
Neck 15.5 14 -1.5
Chest 44.5 43 -1.5
Waist 41.5 40.5 -1.0
Hips 49 46.25 -2.75
Thighs 25.5 24.5 -1.0
Calves 18.5 18.5 0
Biceps 16 15.5 -.5

8.25 inches lost….I am very happy with that I think that is a good amount for someone who has been kicking her butt for the last 6 months.  So if you think it’s a low number keep it to yourself this is a positive place!

I really thought my waist would have been more since my jeans are so loose. 

Time to check that off as successful!  On Oct 4th I had a hoped to hit my 20 bet goal by Dec1.  That is 4 weeks away…or 2 pounds a week…I am going to try but like I said yesterday I am focusing on a little over 1 a week so I can get to the 200 by January. 

Now the next focus is the 1.8 for the 50 pound mark.  With all the Halloween candy I can not let my guard down, I need to stay strong.  I need to work to stay focused….

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Steps forward!

This was a big week for me..after messing around for the last 5 weeks I am BACK!  I started writing down my food again and you know it makes a huge difference.  After bouncing back and forth between 222 and 218 I went down 2.6 this week.  that puts me 1.8 from 50 pounds.

I am very motivated now.  I did miss Tuesdays workout but I was sick and did not eat all day.  Today I feel so much better and I just pushed myself at bootcamp tonight. 

So here is my focus:

Tomorrow I will take my measurements and review my October 4th goals (if I sent any)

lose the 1.8 to hit the 50 pound mark (213.8)

Hit the 211 target – my pre-pregnancy weight

hit my 207 target for my bet at work

hit 200 to start the year off right.

I really want to start 2011 off at or under 200.  That gives me 9 weeks and 15 pounds.  That is at least 1 pound a week plus.  I need to do this for myself but the holidays are here.  I need to hold tight and do my best this is going to be a great ride.