Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grew up and Gave up

I have not been here to update my blog …I just have not given myself the time.  So I am sitting here watching the biggest loser and I reminded myself to update my blog.  As I opened the new entry one of the contestants was weighing in and said..”I grew up and I Gave up” WOW. Nail on the head.  I did that.  I went to college and focused on school. I got engaged and focused on the wedding.  I got married and focused on building a house.  We built a house and made a home.  Then I became pregnant and lost my job. Then I got a new demanding job.  I tried to balance motherhood, wife, worker, and life.  I never made time for me.  I grew up and took on adult challenges and gave up on me.  

Now I fight to maintenance a balance in my life.  Work, Gym, Mom, eat right, wife, friend, Sister.  I jam a 30 hour day into a 24.  And it would be easier if I didn’t go to the gym but I know how I feel when I am not at this weight.  I know I want to see how far I can go on this journey. 

My hubby starts his new hours next week. And I plan to cut back my workouts to 3 times a week at Next Level Performance.  I will try to do workouts at home but here I am on the computer and not working out.  I did run to target tonight and Hannafords so that killed a lot of time on me.  I need to focus on eating clean.

That brings me to recapping the last few weeks.  So after my back to back 2.6 losses per week, Last week I lost .4.  I was okay with that.  I didn’t workout as much and I didn’t write my food down.  There was some emotional eating and cheating.  This last week there was a lot more cheating because of my and ty’s bdays.  So I gained a killer 3.2 and that put back down to below 50 pounds.  But I am going to climb back up.

I do worry that it was so easy to gain that much with what cheating I did do.  Now this week I have thanksgiving.  I am cooking so that will allow me to stay in control I will know that nobody is putting sticks and stick of butter in things.    Good luck this week to everyone.

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