Thursday, November 4, 2010

Measurements updates


Here they are my new measurements:

Area Oct Nov Difference
Neck 15.5 14 -1.5
Chest 44.5 43 -1.5
Waist 41.5 40.5 -1.0
Hips 49 46.25 -2.75
Thighs 25.5 24.5 -1.0
Calves 18.5 18.5 0
Biceps 16 15.5 -.5

8.25 inches lost….I am very happy with that I think that is a good amount for someone who has been kicking her butt for the last 6 months.  So if you think it’s a low number keep it to yourself this is a positive place!

I really thought my waist would have been more since my jeans are so loose. 

Time to check that off as successful!  On Oct 4th I had a hoped to hit my 20 bet goal by Dec1.  That is 4 weeks away…or 2 pounds a week…I am going to try but like I said yesterday I am focusing on a little over 1 a week so I can get to the 200 by January. 

Now the next focus is the 1.8 for the 50 pound mark.  With all the Halloween candy I can not let my guard down, I need to stay strong.  I need to work to stay focused….

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