Friday, January 28, 2011

Weigh in, Photos and food!

I am so glad this week is over. Monday it was –22 here today its 25.  that’s a 50 degree heat wave!  I am officially over winter, I am so glad we are spending next weekend in a 80 indoor water park.  Bathing suit or not! 

I have worked hard this week to stay active and count my calories. I weigh in this morning and I was down 1.8!! Yeah that means I made up my gain from last week and lost a bit more.  My goal for next week is at least 1.6!  The only thing is I will be weighing in a day early next week. and its an off week at boot camp so I need to push myself this weekend.  Next week is also my measurements day!!!

I wanted to post some photos of my progress:

16237_200573855846_563920846_3134625_7040132_n This was December 2009..Not sure of my weight but by Jan. 1st I was 263.
untitled (2) Feb 2010. The outdoor hockey game in my XXL jersey. I think I was bigger then the DD Cup! Weigh high 250’s
On June 1st I started my MVBW competition weighing in at 247. I do not have my starting photo  

These two photos are from Aug 2010 about 8 weeks into the contest about 230.
aug021 aug023
144 Oct 2010, weight 222, notice my hips are getting smaller
006 These three are from today!  January 28th at 211.  With a fitted-ish shirt.  Notice the waist is starting to get defined.  My hubby likes the butt! 
003 004

I have to tell you about my lunch and dinner.  Every other Friday I work (I know not a bad deal right!) the Fridays I work we order lunch.  One of my coworkers has a wheat allergy so its easy for me to order healthy because she is so limited on options.  Today I decided I wanted a salad with grilled chicken.  I ordered a creaser salad figuring I would eat the salad and chicken and use my dressing that I keep at work.  For the first time ever the poured the dressing on the salad. there must have been enough dressing for 3 salads..seriously it was like I ordered dressing with a side of lettuce.  The “grilled” chicken was breaded with no grill wasn’t very greasy but it certainly was not healthy. I was so disappointed.  Grrr.  I just ate the chicken.

Now for dinner I have a new favorite!  Last night I baked some chicken and then chopped it up so it was ready for tonight.  I baked with it some of the BBQ rub from pampered chef and basil seasoning.  When I got home I heated it up to make chicken wraps.  Instead of lettuce I used Cole slaw mix (without any of the dressing).  It tasted so good. the cabbage gave it a crunch and it blended so well with BBQ season.  Sorry we ate it too fast before I could take a photo! 

everyone have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hate Loss Challenge update..

Yesterday I was dealing with some anger.  My husband work from 1am to 1pm again and he really wanted to go to bed when the kids and I arrived home.  But I wanted to get in an extra boot camp session.   Since bootcamp was earlier on Tuesday I could go and get back early enough for David to get to bed early.  Wouldn’t you know that Tyler would throw a fit? he wanted to go with me, he didn’t want me to leave.  Why do I have to workout and daddy doesn’t?

I was so mad at myself. Why did I get like this? why did I gain 110 pounds (160 graduation weight to my 273 highest?)?  Why did I decide to do something about it after I had kids and less time?  Why did I completely give my 20’s away?

Of course bootcamp sucked.  it was sprints with some of the nasty things like squat jumps and squat thrust and more.  During the 2.5minute heavy cardio finish My trainer Steve said: “If you are hating me right now then you are putting in the right amount of effort.”  But I wasn’t hating him I was hating me. I did this to myself, he was helping me.

I feel this journey consumes so much of my time and effort.  I am constantly thinking about food and what I am eating.  How many calories, how many carbs/protein.  Did I burn enough calories, did I drink enough water?  I plan my meals 2 weeks out at a time.   ugh..I just want a day that I get up and eat and don’t think about this.

BUT I did make this decision to get healthy, to drop the weight, To allow that hot mama that is inside me to come out.  I know she is there, last week I saw her boob!! they were cute!  the week before my husband was seeing her butt!  This week I am noticing a more defined waist..Today I put on a fitted top with the plan to wear a sweater over it.  That way I could feel hot that I had a fitted top on and but not have to worry about what other thought…it wasn’t like spandex it just wasn’t super loose.  Well before covering up with the sweater I looked in the mirror.  I looked good!  I could wear that shirt without fear of people talking behind my back that I am crazy for wearing a fitted shirt.  I had curves…the good kind.

The craziest thing happened while walking down the hallway, someone stopped me to say how great I looked…”I was melting away”.  At first I tried to push the complement response was “oh I haven’t really lost any weigh I have been bouncing up and down.” but then I remembered that I need accept the complements..I need to believe in what others are seeing.  So I added to my response: “I am really trying to be good with my food, and build up my strength.”  ……Guess what their response was: “IT SHOWS!”

I just want to add that his week I have been tracking my really really tracking my food.  Some things are shocking like the 2 cup of grapes ate up so many of my calories and carbs.  on top of it I am trying to cut back on my Peanut butter…that didn’t work. I was going to try some of Those powdered PBs but then I decided to quit Peanut butter.  This week I made the decision not to buy Peanut butter.  I need to stop eating it by the spoonful…I am in withdraw.  I am watching “I use to be Fat'” and first I have  to say that the trainer is kind of hot!!  Sorry I am off track!  This weeks “former fat person” just described his relationship with peanut butter.  It sounded like mine!  I have had my daily calories but I am so hungry today..I hit my protein goal.  I guess I need to go to bed and not think about it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Okay so I know I am a few days late but you will understand why in a few!

Last week David worked so much overtime and my kids were just not sleeping.  Of course I don’t sleep well when David not home anyway so by Friday I just wanted to crash.  I was napping on the couch and it was so snowy out, as in whiteout!  I didn’t want to go to bootcamp.  I knew I needed to but it would have been so much easier to just stay under my blanket.  After a Get your ass down here post from my trainer I motivated myself up and out the door..  I know I want to undo my 1 pound gain.

I walked in and saw everything we had to do on the board:

1) 50 kettlebell swings – heaviest you have ever gone

2) 25 Pushup from the toes

3) 30 burpies without stopping

4) 2 minute plank without stopping

5) 20 Ringrows without stopping

6) 20 TRX bicep curls

7) 20 TRX Tricep curls

8) 20 Dead lifts with the Beast – 100 pound KB

I looked at him and told him he was nuts. this was like a new years resolution, not my Jan 20th resolution.  I had never done ANY pushups from my toes, I can not do more then 8 burpies without stopping, the longest plank I had ever done was 1minute and on Monday I lifted only once the 70 pound KB.  REALLY on a friday that I am dragging my ass you want me to do this.

wait there was more!  We were in teams…So if anyone in your team stopped doing #3, #4, #5 the whole team had to start over…No Pressure.

Deep Breath..


25 minutes later we were done.  I did it.  Okay so I was last to finish my burpies and I wanted to fall over but I didn’t.  My plank sucked I was shaking and everything was burning and I was losing my footing but I did it.  my first 5 pushups from my toes Rocked..the other 20 were questionable but I did a pushup from my toes!!

Then it was the BEAST!!  First Cat went and she rocked it like always!  Then I went and the first few were not to bad but it felt like it got heavier as I went along.  He posted a video of Thursday and Fridays workout.  I am the black pants and green shirt doing the beast right at the end.  Midway thru I am standing and watching Cat with the beast …I didn’t even recognize myself. I was looking for someone bigger! that was cool!

I was on a high after this workout.  I was so active on Saturday !  First thing in the morning I took the kids out to play (it was only 15 degrees out) we playing in the snow and I pulled them in the sled. When my mom came over I shoveled the deck!  Then later in the afternoon I took ty sledding to the back hill.  I pulled him in the sled out to the hill with my snowshoes…all 900 feet thru a few snowdrifts.  He went down the hill I think 5 times, each time I walked down the hill and back up with the sled.  The hill is about 600 feet long.  The we walked home.  At night when everyone went to bed I did a 30 minute interval workout on my T’mill along with some crunches.

Today I wasn’t as motivated with working out as I was getting things done. We cleaned out the kids rooms and closets it was a great day!!  I hope I keep it up thru this week…tomorrow morning the temp is going to be –16..danger!  at 6pm tonight it was already –7.  Stay warm.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weigh in

after my great weigh in last week, this week I gained.  I weigh in yesterday morning at 745 and by 3pm my period had arrived…case closed.  Oh and I did not hit my water goal at all this week.  I am not discouraged I had expected it.  I will get it back next week!  weigh in number 213.4.

This week I went stronger on my weights, its nice to realize your success.  I used the heavier Kettlebell, I lasted longer on certain timed exercises.  One of the finisher at bootcamp was a 5 minute burpee burn.  we had to do 6 burpees at the start of each minute then we got a break till the next round started at the top of clock.  I was able to at least a 10 second break each round.  last time we did this I was doing burpees the entire 5 minutes

my trainer asked me to do video on my success so I think we maybe doing that today before bootcamp- hopefully to snow stops so I can go.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HL Challenge week 3–Cute boobs


So I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about this week.  Then a funny thing happened tonight after bootcamp.  I was in the bathroom waiting for the water to get warm for my shower when I just out of the blue said:

“I have cute boobs”

It was unexpected.  I wasn’t even thinking of the challenge.  I just came out and there it was.  I was shocked and then I was kind of giggling at myself!  But there you have it I have cute boobs!.

So I am writing this while watching MTVs “I use to be fat” this girl is putting herself down so badly.  I feel so bad for her, I just want to reach in the tv and help her.  This week at work I again noticed that I am very annoyed by peoples negativity.  I just want people to be positive and I have gone out of my way to try to do thing differently from the norm at work.

Well I am tried so I am going to get things together for tomorrow.  And maybe look at my cute boobs again!!!  I hope you all are doing well this week!


Last night I watched Heavy on A&E. The lady said it was selfish of her
to be fat because she can not do things with her family. But my
struggle has been that I feel selfish leaving my family to go to the
gym. It just showed to me that not everyone's journey is the same and
we can not judge others.

I did like the show Heavy and I will probably continue to watch it. I
like seeing others success as motivation for my own.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My weigh has yo-yoed over the year. My highest known non-pregnancy
weight was 273. I was able to get down to 201 before getting pregnant.
I started back up trying to lose weigh again on January 1 2010, 6
months after my daughter was born. I was 263 that day.

So when I talk about my weigh loss success do I use 263 or 273?

Monday, January 17, 2011

chained to the scale no more

I am a member of sparkpeople i like to look up my food values on the site and read articles.  I dont track my food or excercise on the site..hmm maybe i should.  Anyway.  I saw this today I hope you can access it without a membership (but it is free):

If that isnt enough proof to keep us from feeling chained to the scale i dont know what is.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bucket List

I spent Saturday with my Girlfriends.  Nothing wild, don’t getting any funny ideas!  We scrapbooked!  My girl Jenny (here) showed us per bucket list that she scrapbooked.  I had been kind of thinking about my bucket list but Jenny kicked it in overdrive!

So I have been attempting to build my list but I realized some of my items are done!

  1. To have healthy children = Complete
  2. Build a house into a home = Complete
  3. Have a job doing something I love
  4. Go to Disney
  5. Go to Alaska
  6. Meet Rachel Ray
  7. Become a runner and complete a 5K and then boilermaker
  8. Hit my target weight
  9. Be published in a magazine
  10. Host a cooking show or talk show!
  11. Skydive or zip line or ride in a racecar
  12. Ride on a motorcycle
  13. Get a makeover to include profession photos taken
  14. Get a facial
  15. walk on the oceans beach barefoot in a strapless or sleeveless dress
  16. Ride a horse without falling off
  17. Wear size 8 Jeans
  18. Declare myself a strong women in public in front of people
  19. Enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry in a REAL coffee house with no schedule to worry about
  20. Find a way to change a child’s life

Thanks Jenny!  I guess I need to scrap it now!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Success 4.6–asking for help!


I had a great two days!  Thursday I ate dead on target. Limited cheating, large water intake, coffee moderation.  I was suppose to attend the 530 bootcamp but I was once again detained at work.  At 6pm I was released and called my mother and sister to keep my kids for another hour so I could go to the 630 bootcamp.  I am so glad I was willing to ask for help.

It was the best bootcamp in weeks….best as in ass kicking, metabolism driving, fat burning, takes 20 minutes to get your heart rate back down boot camp session.  I had not been to boot camp since Monday and I had not sneaked any other workouts in other than a 30 minute walk at the gym on lunch. 

Last nights boot camp was again rocking…all about strength training…I can feel it in my arms and shoulders.  it was a ladder with 5 movements using a heavy heave Kettlebell.  Deadlift, swing, push-press, gobb-squat, and snatch (yes that’s what its called!)  The snatch takes the KB from the floor  while in a squat to over your head in one movement.   I ended up using the red KB I think it weighs in the mid 30s.  I could certainly go heavy heavy for the first 4 , going heavy with the last one was not easy.  for typical swing I would go with the grey 44 pounder.  I was soaked in sweat afterwards.

I am considering ordering one of those heart monitor things that shows you the calories burned – just so I had an idea of how many calories are burnt at one bootcamp session but I fear that would give me room to cheat.  Oh I burned 500 more calories then yesterday…have a scoop of peanut butter!

So…I was worried that I was eating bad and snacking to much early on this week.  But I guess it wasn’t too bad or I was just being too hard for myself.  because


YEAH BABY!! I am so happy!  okay so really its 3.6 here is the breakdown:

Last Tuesday the 4th I weigh 215.8

Last Thursday I weight 216.8 – I am weighing in with a different group now.  And that means the Fridays I work I weigh in that day otherwise I weigh in on Thursday.  I forgot that I had to reweigh in last Thursday to get a starting weight for the 12 weeks.  I had on a sweater, heavier pants, ate breakfast and had a cup of coffee …hence the 1 pound gain in 2 days.  I am crazy that each weigh in day I don’t eat until after my 745am weigh in and I wear the same clothes..I know I should see a shrink but I have not found one that can invest the time that I need – I have lots of problems! lol I should write a book.

Boy I am rambling this morning!  Yesterday 2/14/11 I weigh in at 112.2!  So I have lost all of my holiday gain except .2 – freaking awesome!  As you can see from last Tuesday to yesterday is 3.6 honk of the horn baby!

I am hoping this means I am back in the zone.  eating right, making time for me, asking for help.  So great to feel this way.  I wish I had realized it years ago because I am still working on getting hubby to understand that I need this time to get in shape and I need these workouts to feel good.  Two days with out a workout and 7 inches of snow really makes the winter blues set in….speaking of winter blues….3 weeks today I will be in a bathing suit………

have a great one sorry I am just typing and typing and typing…….

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hate Loss Challenge week 2

It was not an easy week. I have not felt good about things (ok, the food I have eaten).  I have been cheating and I have not been working-out too much.  With all the stress of the week, too many people have had the opportunity to tell me I am not great.  But I am and they are wrong and they need to get over it!

I am a better person because I am working towards what I want.  The steps I am taking will not hurt someone along the way.  Instead I inspire, I will be a role model to my kids.

On Sunday my husband would not leave me alone after I put on a new size smaller (but still tight) pair of jeans.  I felt pretty darn sexy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday icks

This was written Tuesday night but my internet was out.

I don’t know what my problem has been the last few days. I did end up having ice cream sunday night.  I had a Dixie cup – 100 calories.  I didn’t feel bad, I had no guilt it felt right.  That should of alarmed me.  During that night my kids were up every hour.  Ty wet the bed and emma, poor thing, she has a cold and kept waking up from coughing.  At about 230am I was trying to rock her back to sleep and heard my tummy groan. 

Now I normally don’t eat at 9pm so I am sure while I am sleeping it groans a lot ..going 9 hours without food.  But I don’t normally hear it.  Monday morning at 230am I did hear it.  I felt it.  I fed it.

I had an oreo cookie.   then I put Emma to bed only for her to wake about 5 minutes later.  I had another one while I rocked her again.  Then I had a spoonful of Peanut butter.  That morning I weigh myself and I gained a pound.  Do I think the PB and oreo I ate 3 hours before weighing in cost me that pound no…it was the portion control during the day and the day before.  SO I was up a pound and I still had the impact of my cheating to be added in.  Wake up call?


I got to work Monday morning after fighting with the kids to eat; to get dressed; that I was sorry I had to take the to Daycare because I have to work; that daddy was not home because it was snowing.  my blood pressure was already up and I was already stressed.  work just went down hill I had a nasty-gram from a very evil person I work with..grr it was just a bad bad Monday.

I battled myself all day.  I wanted to eat. I wanted to seek that comfort from my food.  Instead of focusing on my work, I had to devote about 30% towards telling myself it was not worth it.  At lunch I went to the indoor gym and walked.  I walked as fast as I could. 

The afternoon brought another nasty gram and more stress.  I went to bootcamp.  I took my frustration out on a medicine ball.  It was a great bootcamp.  That night Emma could not sleep.  I had to hold by a vaporizer for her to breath better and get some sleep.  In between my different attempt to lay her down I ate.  I had a spoonful of peanut butter and then another, and then a rice crispy treat and some almond.  I just ate.

I don’t know why I have to eat to feel better but I know its wrong.  I don’t know how to overcome this.  today I again had some chocolate candy's.  I am so tired and so grumpy.  I am sitting here typing and watching the biggest loser and I am not inspired to workout ; I want take a nap and to eat something.  I didn’t workout today but I will workout tomorrow.  I need to get a grip on myself and not let the stress get to me.

So I am looking for suggestions on eat in response to stress and boredom. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

ice cream reward

I just folded 4 loads of laundry…now I am trying to find a good reason why I should not reward myself with ice cream….

Saturday, January 8, 2011

“Arming” it up!!

I have always had big arms, even in high school they had a jiggle to them.  Then in college when I gained the freshman 15 every semester (sometimes every month) they just got so big and ugly.  I never wear sleeveless and I hate those cap sleeves.  Sometimes finding a blouse to fit is annoying because I need to go up a size for my arms. 

Case in point, I like this photo from our summer vacation, Minus my arm.

077 They kind of look like someone took a thigh and attached it to my shoulder in place of an arm.


My arm is larger than my head…well maybe not but that’s what it looks like for me.  I have noticed that since working out at next level and all the strength training that they are smaller and stronger.  But they are still so flabby and undefined.  we have 28 days until we are at the waterpark in a bathing suite.

this is a cropped arm photo taken last Sunday when I was doing my bathing suit test. 

what is that part that is hanging down?  how do I get rid of it?  I certainly plan to have a conversation with my trainer on Monday about this. 

I am a country girl and it makes me thing of a cow ready to be milked; what is wrong with me! lol

In the mean time!  I am working my arms!  I have done several push ups each night, and used some dumbbells movements in hopes of gaining ground on this arms situations.  Also after my workouts have started a core routine.  I am really focused on doing the best I can in January.

Yesterday my food was dead on.  I did so good and I was so proud of myself.  I felt so good all day and was very productive.  Then today this morning I found myself snacking when I wasn’t hungry and on food I shouldn’t be snacking on.  it just happened. One minute I was loading the dishwasher the next I was eating.  I was so mad at myself.  But I recovered, I ate well at lunch and limited my portion at dinner.

Lunch was a BLTZ – see here.  Dinner was harder to do.  David and the kids really wanted mac n cheese.  I was not up to making them that and me something else.  So in a medium pan I cooked up some turkey bacon and onions.  once they were done I stirred in about a tablespoon of cornstarch, some salt, pepper and oregano.  Then I added a cup of chicken stock and a 1/4 cup of skim milk.  Once that sauce was all bubbly and thick I added in the cheese (4oz of fontina cheese and 4oz of sharp cheddar).  after the cheese was melted I poured it over my cooked whole wheat pasta.  It was really yummy I wish I could of eaten more or even have some now!

I have not been that good with drinking my water,  its so cold in NY that I have been hitting the coffee a little too much.  I am going to try to cut back on coffee and up my water consumption! that will be my focus for this week!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

weekly update with Hate-loss challenge blog


I signed up to do the Hate- loss challenge.  you can find the information here:

So today is my night to post my progression on the challenge but also on life!

Life first!  Tuesday I weigh in at work and down .6 from the last weigh in on 21 December.  Darn those holidays!!  Now my weigh in day is being moved to Fridays.  I have to lose 5% by 30 March for work but I am aiming for 8%.  Also yesterday we took my measurements.  Knowing that in December my net progress was a gain of 2 pounds I didn’t know what to expect.

  December January Difference
Neck 14 14 0
Chest 42 42 0
Waist 38 37.25 -.75
Hips 45 45 0
Thighs 25 23.25 1.75
Calves 17.5 17.5 0
Biceps 15.5 14.5 -1

I am happy with that progress I mean really gain weight but to lose in those areas are great! 

Now for the Challenge.  here are the rules:

Rules:  At least once a day I must attempt to use one or more of these words in my vocabulary about myself and mean itstrong, courageous, beautiful/handsome, better, unique, remarkable, confident, conditioned, fascinating, pleasing.  I will say the words out loud.   I will listen to how they sound as they are defining me!

Extra credit: mind-blowing, wicked-hot,  awe-inspiring, sexy, sensational.

Now an easy way for me to answer the challenge is to use the word strong. several times this week I have stated that I am strong and stronger.  I was talking about how my physical strength had grown remarkably the last 6 months.  I am very proud of my progress.  But the best way for me to take on the challenge to talk about another phrase.  Self worth.  now I know its not one of the words listed in the rules but finding my self worth has been the key to my success so far.

For years I never put myself first, I never had any sense of my self worth.  I thought I was only worth what I could do for others, for my family, my kids, my boss, for my friends, for anyone but me.  now I value myself,  my time, my energy.  I know I am worth it.  I know my kids will get more out of me even with the time I am away from them while at the gym.  I know I am doing the right thing. 

My friends they comment on my motivation and progress.  They wish they could have the same but they can not afford to be away from their families.  I have been working to motivate them to just 30 minutes a day of some kind of physical activity.  I started an exercise tournament on my other blog..  Only 5 days in a several have already done 4 days of workouts or 2 hours of exercise. but none plan to sit back and relax for the rest of the week!  They are thanking me for inspiring them.  I tried to tell them all I did was post on my blog..they are the one’s deciding they are worth it.

this blog is called hot mama in hiding because I have always felt that inside there was a hot person waiting to get out.  and like a vending machine I need to put in the money and effort to get her out.  I never before knew what my inner hottie was worth.  I am close to knowing that now…while I am not sure of the value I keep putting the money/time in until she shows up.

I am not sure if this fulfills the challenge requirements or not but that’s how I am feeling today.  I am not good at standing in the mirror and complimenting myself yet.  But I am making progress.  I am happy that I know I can help someone but mostly I know I am worth all of this!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reality Check

Its Sunday night after an 11 day vacation.  My alarm will go off at 5am tomorrow…if the kids let me sleep in that long. The week before vacation we were up be for 5pm but then on vacation they “Slept in” till about 530.  The good thing was that we could take the day slow at our pass.  So what is the good thing about going back to work getting back on routine!  Much needed!!

I had high hopes for the week of vacation to get so many projects done. well most of them did not get done till today.  I was finally motivated and at a point with everything else that I could take the time to do it!  I started this morning with cleaning out all the cupboards in my kitchen!

Now I did make use of the extra baking soda I found in my cupboard!  I have all these extra socks with holes in them.  I poured banking soda into two of them that had been doubled up. I used a cup to help me pour the baking soda into them.


now I can slide these into my gym sneakers after my workouts and they can absorb that great smell!  it was so fast and easy.  I only doubled them because of the holes, but I think they will still be able to work because they are not thick.  These are my work dress socks that are so thin.

Also on my to do list was running.  We are going to the indoor water park in 33 days.  33 freaking days. I am excited but nervous.  In 2010 I lost 50 pounds.  But I am still overweight and still not where I want to be.  Especially for a bathing Suit.  I just feel when people see the photos they will be more judgmental.  “She lost 50 pounds and still looks like that"?” So then what did I do..I tried on my bathing suit.  Yeah just to add to my lack of confidence.  it fits the small one from 2 years ago but I just want to look better.  So here is where running comes in.  my 2011 bucket list has “run a 5K” so I figured I would give it a try.  I ran 2.2 miles in 30 minutes that is like a 15 minute mile.  that really will not cut it.  I need cut that time down some to about 12 or 11 minute.  I think I did a 10 minute mile in high school once.  On my fridge is a count down to the water park with big letters “Do you really want to eat that?”  just to make me keep that door shut.  I would hang up a photo of me in the bathing suit but I don’t want to scare the kids!

Well I need to go make my very healthy lunch.  I will be eating very clean and well the next 33 days.  and I will be working out any chance I can! 

Back to bootcamp tomorrow on the normal schedule!! who knew I would be looking forward to that a year ago!

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