Thursday, January 6, 2011

weekly update with Hate-loss challenge blog


I signed up to do the Hate- loss challenge.  you can find the information here:

So today is my night to post my progression on the challenge but also on life!

Life first!  Tuesday I weigh in at work and down .6 from the last weigh in on 21 December.  Darn those holidays!!  Now my weigh in day is being moved to Fridays.  I have to lose 5% by 30 March for work but I am aiming for 8%.  Also yesterday we took my measurements.  Knowing that in December my net progress was a gain of 2 pounds I didn’t know what to expect.

  December January Difference
Neck 14 14 0
Chest 42 42 0
Waist 38 37.25 -.75
Hips 45 45 0
Thighs 25 23.25 1.75
Calves 17.5 17.5 0
Biceps 15.5 14.5 -1

I am happy with that progress I mean really gain weight but to lose in those areas are great! 

Now for the Challenge.  here are the rules:

Rules:  At least once a day I must attempt to use one or more of these words in my vocabulary about myself and mean itstrong, courageous, beautiful/handsome, better, unique, remarkable, confident, conditioned, fascinating, pleasing.  I will say the words out loud.   I will listen to how they sound as they are defining me!

Extra credit: mind-blowing, wicked-hot,  awe-inspiring, sexy, sensational.

Now an easy way for me to answer the challenge is to use the word strong. several times this week I have stated that I am strong and stronger.  I was talking about how my physical strength had grown remarkably the last 6 months.  I am very proud of my progress.  But the best way for me to take on the challenge to talk about another phrase.  Self worth.  now I know its not one of the words listed in the rules but finding my self worth has been the key to my success so far.

For years I never put myself first, I never had any sense of my self worth.  I thought I was only worth what I could do for others, for my family, my kids, my boss, for my friends, for anyone but me.  now I value myself,  my time, my energy.  I know I am worth it.  I know my kids will get more out of me even with the time I am away from them while at the gym.  I know I am doing the right thing. 

My friends they comment on my motivation and progress.  They wish they could have the same but they can not afford to be away from their families.  I have been working to motivate them to just 30 minutes a day of some kind of physical activity.  I started an exercise tournament on my other blog..  Only 5 days in a several have already done 4 days of workouts or 2 hours of exercise. but none plan to sit back and relax for the rest of the week!  They are thanking me for inspiring them.  I tried to tell them all I did was post on my blog..they are the one’s deciding they are worth it.

this blog is called hot mama in hiding because I have always felt that inside there was a hot person waiting to get out.  and like a vending machine I need to put in the money and effort to get her out.  I never before knew what my inner hottie was worth.  I am close to knowing that now…while I am not sure of the value I keep putting the money/time in until she shows up.

I am not sure if this fulfills the challenge requirements or not but that’s how I am feeling today.  I am not good at standing in the mirror and complimenting myself yet.  But I am making progress.  I am happy that I know I can help someone but mostly I know I am worth all of this!

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fatgirlwearingthin said...

If you are leaving every exercise behind with a positive experience or a better understanding of yourself, then you certainly are doing it right. I'm finding that this challenge is different for everybody and each of us have to tackle it in our own way. Tailor it to fit YOUR needs :)
I love the last line of your sentence: I know I am worth all of this! I think that is a tremendous gift that you've given yourself. Anytime you feel less than stellar, re-read that because it's true!
Thank you so much for posting.