Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Okay so I know I am a few days late but you will understand why in a few!

Last week David worked so much overtime and my kids were just not sleeping.  Of course I don’t sleep well when David not home anyway so by Friday I just wanted to crash.  I was napping on the couch and it was so snowy out, as in whiteout!  I didn’t want to go to bootcamp.  I knew I needed to but it would have been so much easier to just stay under my blanket.  After a Get your ass down here post from my trainer I motivated myself up and out the door..  I know I want to undo my 1 pound gain.

I walked in and saw everything we had to do on the board:

1) 50 kettlebell swings – heaviest you have ever gone

2) 25 Pushup from the toes

3) 30 burpies without stopping

4) 2 minute plank without stopping

5) 20 Ringrows without stopping

6) 20 TRX bicep curls

7) 20 TRX Tricep curls

8) 20 Dead lifts with the Beast – 100 pound KB

I looked at him and told him he was nuts. this was like a new years resolution, not my Jan 20th resolution.  I had never done ANY pushups from my toes, I can not do more then 8 burpies without stopping, the longest plank I had ever done was 1minute and on Monday I lifted only once the 70 pound KB.  REALLY on a friday that I am dragging my ass you want me to do this.

wait there was more!  We were in teams…So if anyone in your team stopped doing #3, #4, #5 the whole team had to start over…No Pressure.

Deep Breath..


25 minutes later we were done.  I did it.  Okay so I was last to finish my burpies and I wanted to fall over but I didn’t.  My plank sucked I was shaking and everything was burning and I was losing my footing but I did it.  my first 5 pushups from my toes Rocked..the other 20 were questionable but I did a pushup from my toes!!

Then it was the BEAST!!  First Cat went and she rocked it like always!  Then I went and the first few were not to bad but it felt like it got heavier as I went along.  He posted a video of Thursday and Fridays workout.  I am the black pants and green shirt doing the beast right at the end.  Midway thru I am standing and watching Cat with the beast …I didn’t even recognize myself. I was looking for someone bigger! that was cool!

I was on a high after this workout.  I was so active on Saturday !  First thing in the morning I took the kids out to play (it was only 15 degrees out) we playing in the snow and I pulled them in the sled. When my mom came over I shoveled the deck!  Then later in the afternoon I took ty sledding to the back hill.  I pulled him in the sled out to the hill with my snowshoes…all 900 feet thru a few snowdrifts.  He went down the hill I think 5 times, each time I walked down the hill and back up with the sled.  The hill is about 600 feet long.  The we walked home.  At night when everyone went to bed I did a 30 minute interval workout on my T’mill along with some crunches.

Today I wasn’t as motivated with working out as I was getting things done. We cleaned out the kids rooms and closets it was a great day!!  I hope I keep it up thru this week…tomorrow morning the temp is going to be –16..danger!  at 6pm tonight it was already –7.  Stay warm.


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Congrats on getting up and out and doing that workout. Sounds intense!! But you did it!!! Oh man, so cold where you are. Stay warm!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

So glad you posted the video - I've never seen anything like that (I haven't been to a gym in forever and boy, things have changed! WOW. I am greatly impressed and I I thought I was beefing it up by purchasing a 10 pound kettlebell; um, clearly yours looked a bit heavier. LOL
Super job and you should be so proud of yourself because I certainly am of you!

Jennifer said...

Hi there. I got your comment over on my blog and here is what I think...

If you have already done 2.4 then I would say you can definately get yourself up to 3.1 (5K) by March. I would definately set that as your goal! You will be surprised, at least I was, at how quick your endurance increases! I give you credit for treadmill running. For me, its tougher to make myself do it. I like a change of scenery. When the weather warms up around here to like 40, try running outside to prepare yourself for the 5k. Outside running is much different (and better in my opinion). But you have to learn to pace yourself because if you start out too fast you will tire out quickly. Thats easy to do when running outside where as when you are on the treadmill it is set at a specific pace. So maybe when training on the tredmill, after you can do 3.1, try to change your pace/incline every few minutes or minute and challenge yourself. I am so excited that you are going to do a 5k! It is such an amazing experience that you will never forget. I did my first on Oct 2, and have done 2 more since since. I cant wait for it to warm up to do another!

Are you doing the one in March around here? I love to drag the hubs with me and sometimes he even runs with me! My first one I did by myself though and it was so gratifying. you will see what I mean. You will be so proud of yourself. The first one I did was in Albany and it was the breast cancer run. I did a post on it and even included video if you havent seen it on the blog yet...Oct 2 or sometime around then when I posted about it. Anyway, there were tons of people and the roads were full of spectators. I liked that for my first time. Easy to blend in since I was so nervous! But the next one I did was much smaller, way fewer spectators and a whole different environment. Then I did the turkey trot and that was just insane. over 7000 people. hard to run in that atmosphere. i blogged about all 3 of them in detail.

When you do your first one try to pace yourself. Its really easy in the beginning to keep up with everyone else and then you realize you were running so fast that you are exhausted and still have 2 miles to go. but if you pace yourself you wont have that. Thats probably why some people, me included, think the first mile is the hardest! But remember, it does get better!

Music: for me, i have to have good music or I could never run. I learned which songs get me pumped up and make running fun! So find some stuff that works for you and I bet that helps.

Also, there is a 5K training schedule you can find online. I wish I had found that before I did my first 5k. I am working on a 10k and maybe even a half marathon before the end of the summer. Fingers crossed. I never ever ran before last summer. I hated exercise, any form, and never thought I could or would ever run. It is amazing how it changes your whole body! I was in my best shape ever when running. Somehow it evens hapes your arms and upper body. I havent figured that out yet but hey, if it works no complaints! Plus, being a stay at home, it gives me a few minutes to myself out of the house.

I am certainly not a pro,or a dr, but I am so humbled that you asked ME about running. I will gladly let you know about my experiences with the hopes it can help! YOU CAN DO IT!!!