Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Last night I watched Heavy on A&E. The lady said it was selfish of her
to be fat because she can not do things with her family. But my
struggle has been that I feel selfish leaving my family to go to the
gym. It just showed to me that not everyone's journey is the same and
we can not judge others.

I did like the show Heavy and I will probably continue to watch it. I
like seeing others success as motivation for my own.

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The Fat Mom said...

I say the same thing! I feel guilty for wanting to leave my family and go to the gym. Then I feel guilty for spending the money (the money we don't have) to go or not go. And then I feel awful when I can't do things with my kids. Isn't is all the same though when you look at it? They are all excuses why we don't do it.