Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly WI

Another weigh in day! yeah!  Down 1.4…I wanted 2 but 1.4 is fabulous.  I just need to keep on this track and stay focused.  Also this week I am going to try to be very diligent about my water intake.  I have been getting headaches because I know I am not drinking enough.  I have been having just a little too much coffee too!!!

I was reviewing my WI spreadsheet, and I couldn’t help but wonder where I would be right now had I not slacked off in the fall.  From Labor day to xmas, I lost 7.8 pounds. From xmas to now I have lost 7.8 pounds!!!   I really want to get out of the 200 by the end of March!

Here are some photo from yesterday.  The grey dress pants were given to me by a friend.  I have never been able to wear them.  A few months ago they didn’t even get over my hips. then I couldn’t zip them then I couldn’t button them.  NOW I am wearing them!


Yeah for Friday!.  I am hoping to sneak to boot camp tomorrow morning if not I will be running on my t’mill. I had planned to workout up to the 5K but I think my body is going to need a day off.  I have been having back pain since Mondays burpee session.  We will see how it goes.  I had a weak moment today.  Totally fell to peer pressure of ordering lunch from the nasty nasty place.  Grrr large Hamburg and fries (like maybe my entire days calories).  Okay so cheat meal for the week is done.  Now I need to be strict and on it. 

I can not wait till next wednesday when it’s the I use to be fat reunion.  Trainer Joey will be on again!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Training or pushing?

Today I did not go to bootcamp, instead I worked out at home after everyone went to bed.  I did a 31minute t’mill run.  After walking for 3 minutes I ran non stop for 27 minutes at 4.5mph and then walked another 90 seconds.  In all I went 2.21 miles and burned 376 calories. 

I am focused on making progress with my weigh loss and goals. So I am motivated to workout when I can.  I knew I had only 30 minutes so that’s why I decided to run non stop I know I am suppose to run intervals but I want to test my longevity. I think!?! maybe that is an excuse.

Maybe I just want to run that 3miles non stop at the time I want and get it out of the way. I kind of feel like its an elephant in the room.  I hope that I am not pushing myself the wrong way versus training properly.  

I am still inspired by myself this week!! My strength, my ability, my will, my motivation and desire, and of course my actions/decisions.  I have really felt in the zone!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I started watching last night’s episode of Heavy.  The new format this week is very interesting.  First I must say that I think I am living under a rock because I did not know that there were so many places to go lose weigh like we are seeing on this show.  Now back to the show..the first 10 minutes were amazing and eye opening to me.

He was a former all-American football player that is now at 440 pounds.  His new finance who works in a gym and is beautiful said she can not take care of a fat man if this doesn’t work its done.  I wonder if my husband ever felt that way.  When I was 273 did he want to leave me?  He never said anything to me about my weight but that doesn’t mean he didn’t think it.  I don’t think its something I could ask him, I maybe better of not knowing and leaving that in the past.


The lady on the show went to bed each night wondering if she would wake up the next morning.  That’s so sad, I feel like she really hasn’t lived. 

I stopped watching because the biggest loser is on.  I will not ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watch yet..but I keep saying “What really?? OMG”

The last 2 nights of bootcamp have been intense.  Yesterday we had to partner up and doing : 15 Kettlebell swings, 10 pushups and 15 burpees.  we did as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  I , for the first time in my life, had to wait for someone else to finish.  They were not waiting on me.  I ended up doing extra everything so that she wouldn’t feel alone.  The burpees were intense.  I found this video on youtube to give you and idea of burpees :

The only difference is when we brought our legs back up to our hands our feet were not on the inside of our hands they were spread wider.  By last night my back was killing me…ice and Tylenol!   I had a little bit of pain this afternoon but I needed another bootcamp session!  I want an amazing number this week.  for the first time in a long time I feel like I don’t need to undo the weekend!

Tonights bootcamp was the filthy 50.  50 KB high swings, 50 ring rows, 50 squats, 50 high pulls, 50 mountain climbers, 50 low abs, 50 squat jumps.  we had to do it as a team and we had to follow the lead of the veteran in each group.  I was on Cassie’s team, she is one of steves trainers.  Omg it was so hard to keep up with her.   My chest was pounding when it was over, my ears were plugged it took like 6-8minutes for my heart rate to come down to roll out.  So from yesterdays high of being a leader to today being the weakest link.  But I wasn’t going to let it stop me.  I did the best I could and pushed thru.  we were the first group done, we were ahead by 5 minutes. 

and I wonder why I am tired.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Untitled–brain drain!

I don’t know what to title this blog.  Just a little weekend update I guess, I am just drained, and don’t want to think!! 

I have not worked out since Wednesday.  Thursday, I thought I was getting sick and my period Friday’s bootcamp I was so worn out with a sore throat I didn’t go.  Saturday we had whiteout conditions until midafternoon, so david was working till 1pm.   I just can not workout with the kids around, I was going to try to workout when David got home but he was really tired (he was called in at 2am).   He needed to rest because we had tickets to the hockey game and did not arrive home until almost 11pm.

I forced myself downstairs tonight for some quality time with my treadmill and MP3.  Wouldn’t you know that my MP3 stopped working about 20 minutes before the end of my workout!!  I ran a 13:30 mile before walking for a quarter mile.  Then I pushed myself and had 12:48 mile, it felt great.  I wanted to do another mile but I thought I would just walk it vs running.  so I did at a good pace.  When all was said and done I did 3.25 miles in 47 minutes burning over 500 calories! 

A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of jeans I wanted to fit into.  Last night I wore them to the hockey game.

downsized_0220012154Do you see that number its says 10!  never ever do I remember wearing a 10.  Now I had my GF try on this brand and she found that they do run big. But it felt great to be walking around the war memorial in a 10 and not a 22 like last years season opener!  

wow its already 10:45…I should go to bed, more nasty weather is coming in tonight and they will be calling hubby in again.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today was weigh in day.  I am down 1.2 pounds in 6 days (to include valentines day!).  I will take it! That puts me 10 pounds from the 200 mark!  I can not wait to get to 199.9 or lower!

I am an accountant and to make it worse I am a government accountant.  Yes I know you are thinking thick dark glasses and pocket protector!  while I am slightly cooler then that (I did ride a roller coaster with Hootie and the blowfish back in the 90’s), I am still a numbers geek.  I have a spreadsheet for my weight loss.  It tracks so much for me:  My goal for the week, how many pounds left to lose till 100, my BMI, this weeks weight loss (pounds and percent), cumulative pounds loss, and cumulative % loss.  It’s a great thing!  Oh and it graphs my progress – okay so maybe when I am done here I will look on amazon for a pocket protector!

After updating my spreadsheet today I noticed a few things.  Since January 1st 2010 I have lost almost 54 pounds or over 20% of my bodyweight.  But then I looked at my BMI!  I started at 42.6 and today I am at 34.1.  I have decreased my BMI by 8.5!  Now that may or may not sound impressive to you.  But in the last year  I went from class III obesity  down to class I obesity.  I am about 25 pounds from being classified as overweight..and not obese.  I found that be so encouraging!

My 5K is two weeks from Saturday.  I think I am on track with my training.  My trainer was excited over my progress.  I took tonight off from working out. the last 2 nights of bootcamp have been intense and my period showed up today.  I love my kids but they didn’t need to give me their colds!!  The weather is weekend is promising, I am hoping to get out for a run!!

Have a great night!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Training underway..

After deciding to run a 5K last week I have been doing research on training.  I have found a lot of great information.  I have tell you the conversation between my trainer and I:

Me:I am going to run a 5K

Him: Awsome!

Me: Am I ready what training tips do you have for me?

Him: RUN!!! ha ha

What a smart ass, and I pay him!!  He did tell me some thing and we are going to talk about it later this week. 

Saturday, hubby and I went to dinner for an early vday celebration.  I had already gone out to lunch with my GF, her daughter and my son (I won tickets to Sesame street live).  At lunch I ordered a turkey burger –plain with a salad.  At dinner I ordered grilled chicken, and steamed veggies.  We did get an appetizer, it was artichokes, spinach and chicken flatbread “pizza” it was on made on a tortilla. it was yummy.  I desperately wanted the cheesecake on the table next to me.  Instead we went for coffee and shared a Hershey bar!

He dropped me off at home and he went to pick up the kids from my mothers.  This gave me time to workout for about 30 minutes..(I was trying to maximize my time, why sit in the passenger seat for 30 minutes when I could be moving?)

All the training guides talk about walking so many minutes then run so many minutes and each training your running time increase.  Got it..but I need to know what I could run a mile in on the Tmill with a small incline.

My 1st Mile was 13 minutes 30 seconds (without stopping) then I walked for 3.5 minutes and ran a 13 min 16 second mile.  Tonight I did the same thing the first mile was 13 min 05 seconds for both miles – I had to stop for a moment but I was running at different speeds.  Both workouts I burned over 400 calories – love it!! 

On New years day I ran a 2.4 miles in 30 minutes – or 12.5 minute mile.  now on the tmill I am running a 13 minute mile. I am hoping the weather gets nice this week and I can find a way to go outside and run.  I really want to get down to a 12 minute mile…I need to run 5 mph tonight I ran between 4.5 and 4.7.  I can do this.

This is the link to my website for the race. it’s a heart run and walk non for profit event for the American heart association.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poop or get off the Pot!

I hope I did not offend anyone with my title but it’s a true statement.  For months I have been thinking about running a 5K.  I kept talking myself out of it, thinking I couldn’t do it.  Then I would feel like I could do it before I again talked myself out of it

Then Last night……..

I was watching I use to be Fat from Wednesday night.  The girl featured on the show had a starting weight of 263.8..That is exactly my same weight from Jan 1 2010 when I starting losing  again.  We also had similar names and other things in common.  After 96 days of working out with a trainer she ran a 5K in about 42 minutes at 222 pounds. 

If she can do it then so can I.  I have lost over 52 pounds, I attend a physically demanding bootcamp and run on the treadmill regularly.  I can do this.

So before I could talk myself out of it I registered.  I thought it was a 5K but I maybe just shy of it.  Instead of being 3.1 miles I think its 3.  I will be running it on March 5th with my sister in law Lisa.  My goal is to finish under 45 minutes. 

The event is part of the Great American Heart Run and walk.  It’s a major event in our area, despite the winter weather thousands of people come out to participate or spectate.  The last mile starts with a climb up a nasty hill Nicknamed “heart break Hill.”  In previous years I have walked the 3 mile.

I like this event because there are so many people lining the streets cheering you on.  It gets full coverage on the’s a whole weekend of activities.  Both mostly our little community raises over 1million dollars for the heart association.  My grandfather died of a heart attack in his 40s when I was 3 months old.  My mother survived a heart attack in her early 40s.  My 40s are 8.5 years away.  I am not continuing history.

I feel that I am a good example.  My family history has heart disease, I am overweight and un healthy.  Then I change my life, I eat better, I work out.  I am losing weight.  I felt I needed to run an show people what they can do. 

In other news!!

Last week I gained 1.2 pounds.  This week, after a free pass to pig out at the water park and the assistance of a stomach bug I was down 2 pounds!!  Now I am doing my best to keep the 2 pounds off, you know how fast you can put back on sickness weight loss,  I have gone to bootcamp the last 3 nights.  I weigh in at 211.2, I am hoping to be out of the 210s next week.  Good luck to everyone this week!

Monday, February 7, 2011


After sleeping for almost 24 hours, and not eating for just as long a shower was much needed.  I feel so much better!  Not good enough to work out but good enough to eat and fold a load of laundry.  I am hoping by tomorrow I will feel good enough to attend bootcamp

sick, measurements and updates

You have to love life and all the bumps in the road it gives us.  Last week I saw another weight gain.  I am really bad on the weekends because I think I have time to undo it before my friday weigh in.  But that is dumb, I need to be on target and focused everyday.  As a result January turned out to be not the month I wanted.

I only lost about 2 pounds this month and below are my inches lost.  But keep in mind that I did my own measurements.  David was sleeping and so I did what I could with a mirror and my 2 hands!

Jan Feb Change
Neck 14 14 0
Chest 42 42 0
Waist 37.25 36.25 -1
Hips 45 43.5 -1.5
Thighs 23.25 24 +.75
Calves 17.5 17.5 0
Biceps 14.5 14 -.5

This past weekend we went to the indoor waterpark.  I felt okay in my bathing suit, certainly there was room for improvement.  Of course the water park came with its bumps the night before both kids woke up at 1am and starting getting sick.  They were both done by 3am and a sleep.  We ended up going to the park but later in the day.  we drove home in a snow storm, a bad storm.  Then yesterday I came down with the bug.  I have not eating since saturday till now.  I am so tired and weak.  I don’t know when I will get to bootcamp.  Its not a bad thing since I considered Friday an off day.  We ordered pizza and wings in the hotel room.  it had been so long since I had wings.  Of course I didn’t feel too good afterwards!

So now I need to get over this bug and get back on track.  I saw this today.rather disturbing

well I think I need a nap again…being sick is for the birds

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new weigh in day???

I need to change my weigh in day.  waiting till Friday sucks because I am not honest on the weekend. I spend all week undoing what I did on Saturday and Sunday.  Now I am still up today.  WTF.  why am I having so much trouble again?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Calorie Free Meal!!

I just saw an amazing commercial for a local restaurant.  I am very hungry tonight but I think its because I did not have that many grams of protein with dinner and I was very very bad with my water consumption today.

So in my state of hunger I got thinking….

what would you eat if you were allowed one MEAL that was calorie free no strings attached?

I could think of so many things but here is what I came up with for my MEAL!

Appetizer:  Buffalo Chicken Pizza!

Dinner: Chicken and hats Alfredo

Dessert: Brownie Sundae

Okay so the fact is I really do not feel deprived that I have not eaten the above items in I don’t know how long.  But I can still imagine what it would be like if I could eat one of these with no guilt and no consequences..its my Alice in wonderland syndrome!!!