Sunday, February 20, 2011

Untitled–brain drain!

I don’t know what to title this blog.  Just a little weekend update I guess, I am just drained, and don’t want to think!! 

I have not worked out since Wednesday.  Thursday, I thought I was getting sick and my period Friday’s bootcamp I was so worn out with a sore throat I didn’t go.  Saturday we had whiteout conditions until midafternoon, so david was working till 1pm.   I just can not workout with the kids around, I was going to try to workout when David got home but he was really tired (he was called in at 2am).   He needed to rest because we had tickets to the hockey game and did not arrive home until almost 11pm.

I forced myself downstairs tonight for some quality time with my treadmill and MP3.  Wouldn’t you know that my MP3 stopped working about 20 minutes before the end of my workout!!  I ran a 13:30 mile before walking for a quarter mile.  Then I pushed myself and had 12:48 mile, it felt great.  I wanted to do another mile but I thought I would just walk it vs running.  so I did at a good pace.  When all was said and done I did 3.25 miles in 47 minutes burning over 500 calories! 

A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of jeans I wanted to fit into.  Last night I wore them to the hockey game.

downsized_0220012154Do you see that number its says 10!  never ever do I remember wearing a 10.  Now I had my GF try on this brand and she found that they do run big. But it felt great to be walking around the war memorial in a 10 and not a 22 like last years season opener!  

wow its already 10:45…I should go to bed, more nasty weather is coming in tonight and they will be calling hubby in again.


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Congrats on wearing the size 10! That is so exciting!

Life as a Caterpillar said...

What a wonderful NSV! And congrats on pushing yourself to workout last night- that sounds great


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Fantastic nsv. Way to go on the running nsv s too!
I know how hard it is to squeeze in workouts with kids. Im lucky my little man naps.
Have a great day

Need to Get ME Back said...

Yay, size 10! That must feel great! Good job :)