Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today was weigh in day.  I am down 1.2 pounds in 6 days (to include valentines day!).  I will take it! That puts me 10 pounds from the 200 mark!  I can not wait to get to 199.9 or lower!

I am an accountant and to make it worse I am a government accountant.  Yes I know you are thinking thick dark glasses and pocket protector!  while I am slightly cooler then that (I did ride a roller coaster with Hootie and the blowfish back in the 90’s), I am still a numbers geek.  I have a spreadsheet for my weight loss.  It tracks so much for me:  My goal for the week, how many pounds left to lose till 100, my BMI, this weeks weight loss (pounds and percent), cumulative pounds loss, and cumulative % loss.  It’s a great thing!  Oh and it graphs my progress – okay so maybe when I am done here I will look on amazon for a pocket protector!

After updating my spreadsheet today I noticed a few things.  Since January 1st 2010 I have lost almost 54 pounds or over 20% of my bodyweight.  But then I looked at my BMI!  I started at 42.6 and today I am at 34.1.  I have decreased my BMI by 8.5!  Now that may or may not sound impressive to you.  But in the last year  I went from class III obesity  down to class I obesity.  I am about 25 pounds from being classified as overweight..and not obese.  I found that be so encouraging!

My 5K is two weeks from Saturday.  I think I am on track with my training.  My trainer was excited over my progress.  I took tonight off from working out. the last 2 nights of bootcamp have been intense and my period showed up today.  I love my kids but they didn’t need to give me their colds!!  The weather is weekend is promising, I am hoping to get out for a run!!

Have a great night!!!


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

I used to work in accounting too. Oh man I hated quarter ends and working soooo many hours on the close. No pocket protectors allowed lol
you should be very happy and proud of your accomplishments. Keep on chuggin on

alisonds said...

Well done! That is fantastic. You have achieved so much already. I am also a nerd for spreadsheets. I feel the love! keep up all the heard work. x

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

That's great! My hubby is an accountant...he likes to think he is cool ;)