Friday, February 11, 2011

Poop or get off the Pot!

I hope I did not offend anyone with my title but it’s a true statement.  For months I have been thinking about running a 5K.  I kept talking myself out of it, thinking I couldn’t do it.  Then I would feel like I could do it before I again talked myself out of it

Then Last night……..

I was watching I use to be Fat from Wednesday night.  The girl featured on the show had a starting weight of 263.8..That is exactly my same weight from Jan 1 2010 when I starting losing  again.  We also had similar names and other things in common.  After 96 days of working out with a trainer she ran a 5K in about 42 minutes at 222 pounds. 

If she can do it then so can I.  I have lost over 52 pounds, I attend a physically demanding bootcamp and run on the treadmill regularly.  I can do this.

So before I could talk myself out of it I registered.  I thought it was a 5K but I maybe just shy of it.  Instead of being 3.1 miles I think its 3.  I will be running it on March 5th with my sister in law Lisa.  My goal is to finish under 45 minutes. 

The event is part of the Great American Heart Run and walk.  It’s a major event in our area, despite the winter weather thousands of people come out to participate or spectate.  The last mile starts with a climb up a nasty hill Nicknamed “heart break Hill.”  In previous years I have walked the 3 mile.

I like this event because there are so many people lining the streets cheering you on.  It gets full coverage on the’s a whole weekend of activities.  Both mostly our little community raises over 1million dollars for the heart association.  My grandfather died of a heart attack in his 40s when I was 3 months old.  My mother survived a heart attack in her early 40s.  My 40s are 8.5 years away.  I am not continuing history.

I feel that I am a good example.  My family history has heart disease, I am overweight and un healthy.  Then I change my life, I eat better, I work out.  I am losing weight.  I felt I needed to run an show people what they can do. 

In other news!!

Last week I gained 1.2 pounds.  This week, after a free pass to pig out at the water park and the assistance of a stomach bug I was down 2 pounds!!  Now I am doing my best to keep the 2 pounds off, you know how fast you can put back on sickness weight loss,  I have gone to bootcamp the last 3 nights.  I weigh in at 211.2, I am hoping to be out of the 210s next week.  Good luck to everyone this week!


Need to Get ME Back said...

I like that show! It's pretty inspiring. We weigh the same, so I look forward to keeping up with your progess :) Good luck on the run, I love how you just decided to do and did it!

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

I just signed up for my first 5k on 3/13. I saw that episode too, she did so well

Kelly said...

Kristen, I signed up for my first 5K when I weighed 242 lbs. and I finished in under 45 minutes. Crossing that finish line was the best feeling in the whole world! You can absolutely do this, I have no doubt.

alisonds said...

Well done for registering! The girls in my team at work have been debating entering a run or a walk - so if they don't make up their mind soon I may have to bite the bullet like you and just pick one and register! Well done. I love that you have set a goal time for yourself - you can do it! x

Leslie said...

Great idea--I also have a goal of doing a 5K this spring--what better way to get motivated than to actually sign up?