Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I started watching last night’s episode of Heavy.  The new format this week is very interesting.  First I must say that I think I am living under a rock because I did not know that there were so many places to go lose weigh like we are seeing on this show.  Now back to the show..the first 10 minutes were amazing and eye opening to me.

He was a former all-American football player that is now at 440 pounds.  His new finance who works in a gym and is beautiful said she can not take care of a fat man if this doesn’t work its done.  I wonder if my husband ever felt that way.  When I was 273 did he want to leave me?  He never said anything to me about my weight but that doesn’t mean he didn’t think it.  I don’t think its something I could ask him, I maybe better of not knowing and leaving that in the past.


The lady on the show went to bed each night wondering if she would wake up the next morning.  That’s so sad, I feel like she really hasn’t lived. 

I stopped watching because the biggest loser is on.  I will not ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watch yet..but I keep saying “What really?? OMG”

The last 2 nights of bootcamp have been intense.  Yesterday we had to partner up and doing : 15 Kettlebell swings, 10 pushups and 15 burpees.  we did as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  I , for the first time in my life, had to wait for someone else to finish.  They were not waiting on me.  I ended up doing extra everything so that she wouldn’t feel alone.  The burpees were intense.  I found this video on youtube to give you and idea of burpees :

The only difference is when we brought our legs back up to our hands our feet were not on the inside of our hands they were spread wider.  By last night my back was killing me…ice and Tylenol!   I had a little bit of pain this afternoon but I needed another bootcamp session!  I want an amazing number this week.  for the first time in a long time I feel like I don’t need to undo the weekend!

Tonights bootcamp was the filthy 50.  50 KB high swings, 50 ring rows, 50 squats, 50 high pulls, 50 mountain climbers, 50 low abs, 50 squat jumps.  we had to do it as a team and we had to follow the lead of the veteran in each group.  I was on Cassie’s team, she is one of steves trainers.  Omg it was so hard to keep up with her.   My chest was pounding when it was over, my ears were plugged it took like 6-8minutes for my heart rate to come down to roll out.  So from yesterdays high of being a leader to today being the weakest link.  But I wasn’t going to let it stop me.  I did the best I could and pushed thru.  we were the first group done, we were ahead by 5 minutes. 

and I wonder why I am tired.


Michelle said...

I was thinking the same thing during BL!!! I am way less enamored with BL over the last couple of seasons simply because there seems to be way more game play and water loading than in the beginning when it was all about working out and eating right. I would love to see everyone stay on the ranch the whole time and have everyone eligible the whole time.

I HATE BURPEES!!! And jumping jacks. My two least favorite exercises EVER. Keep it up!

Fru said...

Awesome job on the killer workout!!!

alisonds said...

Well done chick! I love not being last! i was always "that last one" at school so now I revel in anything where I even finish second last! You sound so motivated and upbeat, it's great! x