Sunday, March 17, 2013

4miles below 30

My god its cold in upstate NY today.  High around 31 but bitter cold 12mph winds.

 I putz around the house most of the day. Avoiding the green pancakes I made for the kids to go with their green Milk.  Then at lunch I made them shamrock cookies...i picked one up a few times but i walked away!!  I am not Irish, well i don't think.  My background is so chopped up i very well could have 1% of every nationality.  In my family the home land is i am just that an American mutt!!  None the less St P day is a big deal in Upstate..there are surprisingly a high number Irishmen supporters!  Its funny i never knew that a New Yorker needed a reason to drink.

Anyway I finally sucked it up and went for a run.  The wind came across my country roads with a force.  I made to a tree lined road and that seemed to help!  I ran 4 miles in about 51 minutes..not a great time but under the weather conditions i will take it.  Its so much better than doing nothing.

I felt like i ate to much today but maybe i am being too critical.  I know i didnt drink enough.  I should chug some water before bed.  I am at that danger hour...I am tired, i think i am hungry but i am also bored..snacking time.  i would just go to bed but my 3 year old is still finding reasons to not go to sleep.  That and i am holding hope that the buffalo sabres will  pull a win out of this crappy game.

Big week coming up!! Going to see the Rachel Ray Show!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A little competition never hurts

I am so competitive.  Its has its good and bad side.  It can drive me and help me achieve great things but it can also derail me. 

Knowing that i am not "winning" what i set out to do can put me in the downward spiral.  Which is what happened in January.  I bet $20 i could drop 5% by March 27th.  Here i am 12 days away from that deadline and 7 pounds need to fall off my ass for me to win.  In Jan and feb my weight was like a roller coaster and with each gain came frustration.  Of course the stress at work didnt we have been in very high stress meetings.  As a federal Employee I stand to lose 20% of my pay soon...ugh.

But when I am motivated to win, and my head is out of my ass like it is now.  Nothing can stop me.  I love the feeling of that self power!!  Last night it would of been so easy to eat at fast food. I went from Gymnastics, to soccer to an AHL game. But I didnt!!!  I grilled chicken in the morning so i just need to warm it up before leaving for gymnastics.  Then i had a cheese stick and almonds for snack.  Tyler did allow me to have some of his nachos.  Thats the first real slip of crap food all week. 

The boilermaker is a big event around here.  Its a 15K that gets some national attention, they cap the race at 14K runners.  This year it sold out in like 24hours.  The first 4 miles are uphill.  I ran it for the first time last year....My training runs were done in about 1hour 40 but on that day I came in at 1 hour and 53 minutes.  Ugh i was sick the week before and went on vacation the week before that.  Bad movie.

So now I know that a bioch at work is running it.  She ran it a few years ago in 1hour 44 minutes..which is why my goal last year was 1 hour 40!!  Since i will now have an extra day off a week starting in April and 20% less pay.  I will be using that as my training day.  I will shave major time off my time.  This is just pushing me to eat right. Yesterday i was so hungry at lunch and i wanted to be so bad...but i got up, grabbed my ipod and went for a walk in the snow.

Goals are not achieved with wishes.

Friday, March 15, 2013


72 hours no chocolate or cookies..This is starting to feel like a 12 step program.

yesterday my nutrition was good not great..Wednesday night was strength night at bootcamp and yesterday i could of chewed my arm off.  I text my Bootcamp girls and they were having the same hungry all day yesterday.  I didnt breakdown at work i ate only the food i packed! I went to bootcamp and pushed hard. 

But when i got home.. While i waited for my 4oz of chicken to cook. I ate the 3 pieces of left over bacon from my husbands dinner and 2 plain pancakes (no butter or syrup), then i ate my chicken and squash.  Later in the night i had some carrots and Peanut butter.  Like i said its not bad bad but it could of been a bit better but we are our worst critics. 

Today is my off day..boy do i need it.  6 days of going hard and i am feeling it.   have a good one!!  Its friday and I am going to hockey!! life is good.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

two for two

2 days in a row of great choices.  Yesterday during a stressful meeting i took a candy bar and put it back.  I did so good with my nutrition.  I finally feel in control again.  I love this feeling! I busted my ass at bootcamp, i am feeling it right now too.  That good kind of sore !!!

I still need to work on my water consumption.

Yesterday was my weekly weigh in.. and i was down 1.2!  Now to keep trucking.  The plan today is to do the same.. Same food choices and push hard at bootcamp.  Tomorrow is my off day, i have worked out for 6 days straight.  Plus i have the schedule from hell!!  730-330 work, take daughter to gymnastics at 430, son has indoor soccer at 530 then after his game we are meeting his boyscout troop at our local AHL team!!  The only thing is its about a 45 minute drive so we will get home at 11pm.  So back at Saturday morning!!

Well i need to go make lunches for my kiddies!!  bye bye all

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Foot steps in the right direction.

I wrote this last night but it didnt post. So we will try again.

After struggling on monday, ate carbs all day with my sick 3yr.  When I finally arrived at work i was called into a stressful meeting..with a heaping bowl of candy.  Before i knew it..3 snack size candy bar wrappers were in front of me. Ugh.

Today, tuesday, i did it.  The only unplanned carbs were 2 pretzel rods.  No candy

, no peanut butter, no cookies no chocolate. I busted my ass at bootcamp and walked at lunch. I know i need to drink more water and less coffee...but finally i feel good! Like i am gaining control again.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lost in space

I have no idea how i became so lost in space..  I am rereading my blog for 2011 when i did so well. I am hoping that motivation will find me again and inspire me.  I dont know what derailed me and why i continue to be derailed.

in 2011 when i lost 10 pounds and 7 inches in a month i was walking on my breaks and lunch for a total of 4 miles, plus taking bootcamp 4 days a week and running 3-5miles 3 days a week.  Now i am walking for 30 minutes at lunch, taking bootcamp 4 times a week.

Its my eatting.  I need to just go to bed at like 9am.   I am binging after 9. 

I need to get this undercontrol and i need to get down the 30 pounds i lost.  I gave away all my clothes at this size for summer.  So short of buying new clothes i am screwed when it warms up.

Damn cookies and chocolate..why do they have so much power over me