Friday, March 15, 2013


72 hours no chocolate or cookies..This is starting to feel like a 12 step program.

yesterday my nutrition was good not great..Wednesday night was strength night at bootcamp and yesterday i could of chewed my arm off.  I text my Bootcamp girls and they were having the same hungry all day yesterday.  I didnt breakdown at work i ate only the food i packed! I went to bootcamp and pushed hard. 

But when i got home.. While i waited for my 4oz of chicken to cook. I ate the 3 pieces of left over bacon from my husbands dinner and 2 plain pancakes (no butter or syrup), then i ate my chicken and squash.  Later in the night i had some carrots and Peanut butter.  Like i said its not bad bad but it could of been a bit better but we are our worst critics. 

Today is my off day..boy do i need it.  6 days of going hard and i am feeling it.   have a good one!!  Its friday and I am going to hockey!! life is good.

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