Thursday, March 14, 2013

two for two

2 days in a row of great choices.  Yesterday during a stressful meeting i took a candy bar and put it back.  I did so good with my nutrition.  I finally feel in control again.  I love this feeling! I busted my ass at bootcamp, i am feeling it right now too.  That good kind of sore !!!

I still need to work on my water consumption.

Yesterday was my weekly weigh in.. and i was down 1.2!  Now to keep trucking.  The plan today is to do the same.. Same food choices and push hard at bootcamp.  Tomorrow is my off day, i have worked out for 6 days straight.  Plus i have the schedule from hell!!  730-330 work, take daughter to gymnastics at 430, son has indoor soccer at 530 then after his game we are meeting his boyscout troop at our local AHL team!!  The only thing is its about a 45 minute drive so we will get home at 11pm.  So back at Saturday morning!!

Well i need to go make lunches for my kiddies!!  bye bye all

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Baby Weight and Beyond said...

What a day!

Great job making good decisions!