Sunday, March 17, 2013

4miles below 30

My god its cold in upstate NY today.  High around 31 but bitter cold 12mph winds.

 I putz around the house most of the day. Avoiding the green pancakes I made for the kids to go with their green Milk.  Then at lunch I made them shamrock cookies...i picked one up a few times but i walked away!!  I am not Irish, well i don't think.  My background is so chopped up i very well could have 1% of every nationality.  In my family the home land is i am just that an American mutt!!  None the less St P day is a big deal in Upstate..there are surprisingly a high number Irishmen supporters!  Its funny i never knew that a New Yorker needed a reason to drink.

Anyway I finally sucked it up and went for a run.  The wind came across my country roads with a force.  I made to a tree lined road and that seemed to help!  I ran 4 miles in about 51 minutes..not a great time but under the weather conditions i will take it.  Its so much better than doing nothing.

I felt like i ate to much today but maybe i am being too critical.  I know i didnt drink enough.  I should chug some water before bed.  I am at that danger hour...I am tired, i think i am hungry but i am also bored..snacking time.  i would just go to bed but my 3 year old is still finding reasons to not go to sleep.  That and i am holding hope that the buffalo sabres will  pull a win out of this crappy game.

Big week coming up!! Going to see the Rachel Ray Show!!

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Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Have a great time at the show!

It's best to drink some water. You might be "hungry" because you are a little dehydrated.