Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Keep on trucking

I have continuted to track my calories each day.  I am averaging about1300-1500 each day (one day up to 1700).  It seems like every where i read it suggests a different calorie goal.

Boot camp has been hard core and I have supplemented a few extra workouts with T25.  Plus I have been able to get in some good runs.  All the runs are on the treadmill but thats all you can do this time of year in Upstate New york.  Friday morning we had a foot of snow.  yesterday it never was warmer than 16 degrees.  We are getting a warm up this week and it maybe around 30 on Saturday.  I am going to try to get out and run!  Next Saturday I am running the 5mile Heart run rain or shine, warm  or cold!!

Man todays bootcamp kicked my butt i am ready for a nap!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Calorie count

Yesterday I tracked my calories for the first time in a very long time. I truly believed that I was coming in around 1500 before my binges.  Not the case.  Closer to 2000 before the 10 feeding frenzy.  It was a bit of an eye opener.  I was very aware of my food today.  Think about what I eat before I eat it.

I am hoping to get a workout in tonight after the kids go to bed.  Tomorrow is Spinning class!

Short post but I need to get a few things done..Like logging my dinner calories before i forget!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feeling in your legs is optional right?

On Thursday night we do a Hurricane program its similar to the training for warriors program.  its 9 rounds of full on beast mode no rest or breaks.  Just push hard and dig deep.  There are 3 sets with 3 movements each. You cycle thru each set 3 times before moving on to the next set.  The movement in each set is a cardio movement like burpees.  Then it on to more technical like strength or mobility.  For the last week it has been Co-ed.  So of course we can not let the boys beat us!  Between the sled pushes, squat jumps with 30# sandbell, Rope burpees, KB swings i was dead. 

So I hit up the Friday night happy hour another hurricane with swings weighted lunges, RDLs and glute bridges.  Saturday morning smackdown.  Weighted lunges the length of the turf, tons of core work, more RDL, Jump slam Ropes.  With a Squat jump finisher.

My legs are numb right now.  My core on fire.  Tomorrow morning is going to suck!  I am doing laundry today so that tomorrow i can avoid the basement stairs lol!

Nutrition has been better since Posting Thursday.  Last night i did have a Banana with PB at about 9ish. 

41ish days till spring!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Coming back from Hiding.

I don't know if i deserve to type on this blog.  I have neglected it for so long.  That action Mirrors my life. 

Let me recap the last year.  Jan 2013 my starting weight was about 208 I was able to get down to 190 before going back up to 208 for Jan 2014.  I am still working out, crushing bootcamp!  I have done a lot of repeat runs and improved my times.  Its my eating that is just not in control. I know that you can not out run a bad nutrition program but...but nothing.

I do fine all day.  I drink water all day.  Then the clock strikes 6 and the floor falls out from under me. I drink more coffee (instead of water),  I have an extra snack after dinner.  But the real damage comes later when i binge on PB and nutella or a cookie or two.  If i get stressed at work I do turn to Chocolate. 

Yesterday we had a snow day. Seriously only the 2nd time we have closed ever and we didnt even get that much snow.  About a foot over a 16hr period.  Anyway.  I ended up on this blog reading my posts from 2011 when I was so successful with meeting my goals.  I was in such a different mindset.  I need to get back to that place.  I need to hold myself accountable.  So I need to use this space as place to do that.  Be honest with myself and those they are so kind to visit.  

If I slip up I need to make sure I accept it and move on.  I can not let a slip up become a disaster day.  I need to stick to my training plan and my nutrition.  I need to be stronger at night and go to bed earlier!!

In 6th months I am taking part in my first triathlon.  Its the Iron Girl Syracuse.  I will be in the best shape on that day.  I need to be 100% committed starting now to that event.  It is a bucket list item. I want to do well and finish strong. 

I know I can do this.