Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Keep on trucking

I have continuted to track my calories each day.  I am averaging about1300-1500 each day (one day up to 1700).  It seems like every where i read it suggests a different calorie goal.

Boot camp has been hard core and I have supplemented a few extra workouts with T25.  Plus I have been able to get in some good runs.  All the runs are on the treadmill but thats all you can do this time of year in Upstate New york.  Friday morning we had a foot of snow.  yesterday it never was warmer than 16 degrees.  We are getting a warm up this week and it maybe around 30 on Saturday.  I am going to try to get out and run!  Next Saturday I am running the 5mile Heart run rain or shine, warm  or cold!!

Man todays bootcamp kicked my butt i am ready for a nap!

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Anonymous said...

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