Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feeling in your legs is optional right?

On Thursday night we do a Hurricane program its similar to the training for warriors program.  its 9 rounds of full on beast mode no rest or breaks.  Just push hard and dig deep.  There are 3 sets with 3 movements each. You cycle thru each set 3 times before moving on to the next set.  The movement in each set is a cardio movement like burpees.  Then it on to more technical like strength or mobility.  For the last week it has been Co-ed.  So of course we can not let the boys beat us!  Between the sled pushes, squat jumps with 30# sandbell, Rope burpees, KB swings i was dead. 

So I hit up the Friday night happy hour another hurricane with swings weighted lunges, RDLs and glute bridges.  Saturday morning smackdown.  Weighted lunges the length of the turf, tons of core work, more RDL, Jump slam Ropes.  With a Squat jump finisher.

My legs are numb right now.  My core on fire.  Tomorrow morning is going to suck!  I am doing laundry today so that tomorrow i can avoid the basement stairs lol!

Nutrition has been better since Posting Thursday.  Last night i did have a Banana with PB at about 9ish. 

41ish days till spring!!

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