Saturday, March 16, 2013

A little competition never hurts

I am so competitive.  Its has its good and bad side.  It can drive me and help me achieve great things but it can also derail me. 

Knowing that i am not "winning" what i set out to do can put me in the downward spiral.  Which is what happened in January.  I bet $20 i could drop 5% by March 27th.  Here i am 12 days away from that deadline and 7 pounds need to fall off my ass for me to win.  In Jan and feb my weight was like a roller coaster and with each gain came frustration.  Of course the stress at work didnt we have been in very high stress meetings.  As a federal Employee I stand to lose 20% of my pay soon...ugh.

But when I am motivated to win, and my head is out of my ass like it is now.  Nothing can stop me.  I love the feeling of that self power!!  Last night it would of been so easy to eat at fast food. I went from Gymnastics, to soccer to an AHL game. But I didnt!!!  I grilled chicken in the morning so i just need to warm it up before leaving for gymnastics.  Then i had a cheese stick and almonds for snack.  Tyler did allow me to have some of his nachos.  Thats the first real slip of crap food all week. 

The boilermaker is a big event around here.  Its a 15K that gets some national attention, they cap the race at 14K runners.  This year it sold out in like 24hours.  The first 4 miles are uphill.  I ran it for the first time last year....My training runs were done in about 1hour 40 but on that day I came in at 1 hour and 53 minutes.  Ugh i was sick the week before and went on vacation the week before that.  Bad movie.

So now I know that a bioch at work is running it.  She ran it a few years ago in 1hour 44 minutes..which is why my goal last year was 1 hour 40!!  Since i will now have an extra day off a week starting in April and 20% less pay.  I will be using that as my training day.  I will shave major time off my time.  This is just pushing me to eat right. Yesterday i was so hungry at lunch and i wanted to be so bad...but i got up, grabbed my ipod and went for a walk in the snow.

Goals are not achieved with wishes.


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

You can beat her!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear from you! I had no idea you had put any weight back on. This is one tough battle. ugh. But you are right. We will get there. I would like to do the 10k at TS again too! I will have to look it up. I am just getting back into running. It is awful at 233 lbs. My body is angry but I know it will get better! We moved. How far are you from Rome? I am about 45 mins now. We should get together now that we have met!