Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Training or pushing?

Today I did not go to bootcamp, instead I worked out at home after everyone went to bed.  I did a 31minute t’mill run.  After walking for 3 minutes I ran non stop for 27 minutes at 4.5mph and then walked another 90 seconds.  In all I went 2.21 miles and burned 376 calories. 

I am focused on making progress with my weigh loss and goals. So I am motivated to workout when I can.  I knew I had only 30 minutes so that’s why I decided to run non stop I know I am suppose to run intervals but I want to test my longevity. I think!?! maybe that is an excuse.

Maybe I just want to run that 3miles non stop at the time I want and get it out of the way. I kind of feel like its an elephant in the room.  I hope that I am not pushing myself the wrong way versus training properly.  

I am still inspired by myself this week!! My strength, my ability, my will, my motivation and desire, and of course my actions/decisions.  I have really felt in the zone!


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

You are doing great! Do what you feel good doing!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

That is a fantastic feeling when you're no longer fighting to do it but actually say, 'bring it on!' which is where I think you're at! I say do whatever motivates you; it's the moving that's important. Great job on the consistent running, too! That's not easy!

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

running 27 minutes straight is fantastic!!! at 4.5 that is great tooo!! just feel yourself out...don't over do'll body will let you k now when it's ready for that 3 mile run ;) keep it up!!