Saturday, January 15, 2011

Success 4.6–asking for help!


I had a great two days!  Thursday I ate dead on target. Limited cheating, large water intake, coffee moderation.  I was suppose to attend the 530 bootcamp but I was once again detained at work.  At 6pm I was released and called my mother and sister to keep my kids for another hour so I could go to the 630 bootcamp.  I am so glad I was willing to ask for help.

It was the best bootcamp in weeks….best as in ass kicking, metabolism driving, fat burning, takes 20 minutes to get your heart rate back down boot camp session.  I had not been to boot camp since Monday and I had not sneaked any other workouts in other than a 30 minute walk at the gym on lunch. 

Last nights boot camp was again rocking…all about strength training…I can feel it in my arms and shoulders.  it was a ladder with 5 movements using a heavy heave Kettlebell.  Deadlift, swing, push-press, gobb-squat, and snatch (yes that’s what its called!)  The snatch takes the KB from the floor  while in a squat to over your head in one movement.   I ended up using the red KB I think it weighs in the mid 30s.  I could certainly go heavy heavy for the first 4 , going heavy with the last one was not easy.  for typical swing I would go with the grey 44 pounder.  I was soaked in sweat afterwards.

I am considering ordering one of those heart monitor things that shows you the calories burned – just so I had an idea of how many calories are burnt at one bootcamp session but I fear that would give me room to cheat.  Oh I burned 500 more calories then yesterday…have a scoop of peanut butter!

So…I was worried that I was eating bad and snacking to much early on this week.  But I guess it wasn’t too bad or I was just being too hard for myself.  because


YEAH BABY!! I am so happy!  okay so really its 3.6 here is the breakdown:

Last Tuesday the 4th I weigh 215.8

Last Thursday I weight 216.8 – I am weighing in with a different group now.  And that means the Fridays I work I weigh in that day otherwise I weigh in on Thursday.  I forgot that I had to reweigh in last Thursday to get a starting weight for the 12 weeks.  I had on a sweater, heavier pants, ate breakfast and had a cup of coffee …hence the 1 pound gain in 2 days.  I am crazy that each weigh in day I don’t eat until after my 745am weigh in and I wear the same clothes..I know I should see a shrink but I have not found one that can invest the time that I need – I have lots of problems! lol I should write a book.

Boy I am rambling this morning!  Yesterday 2/14/11 I weigh in at 112.2!  So I have lost all of my holiday gain except .2 – freaking awesome!  As you can see from last Tuesday to yesterday is 3.6 honk of the horn baby!

I am hoping this means I am back in the zone.  eating right, making time for me, asking for help.  So great to feel this way.  I wish I had realized it years ago because I am still working on getting hubby to understand that I need this time to get in shape and I need these workouts to feel good.  Two days with out a workout and 7 inches of snow really makes the winter blues set in….speaking of winter blues….3 weeks today I will be in a bathing suit………

have a great one sorry I am just typing and typing and typing…….


Christina said...

I hope you don't mind I added you as one of my favorite blogs. Good luck on your weight loss.

The Fat Mom said...

That is an awesome number lost on the scale! Way to go! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is ask for help in order to help ourselves.

Do you have a cute bathing suit picked out at least?

Cub's Den said...

Its black and Red but I may go check kohls for another one..we will see