Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Steps forward!

This was a big week for me..after messing around for the last 5 weeks I am BACK!  I started writing down my food again and you know it makes a huge difference.  After bouncing back and forth between 222 and 218 I went down 2.6 this week.  that puts me 1.8 from 50 pounds.

I am very motivated now.  I did miss Tuesdays workout but I was sick and did not eat all day.  Today I feel so much better and I just pushed myself at bootcamp tonight. 

So here is my focus:

Tomorrow I will take my measurements and review my October 4th goals (if I sent any)

lose the 1.8 to hit the 50 pound mark (213.8)

Hit the 211 target – my pre-pregnancy weight

hit my 207 target for my bet at work

hit 200 to start the year off right.

I really want to start 2011 off at or under 200.  That gives me 9 weeks and 15 pounds.  That is at least 1 pound a week plus.  I need to do this for myself but the holidays are here.  I need to hold tight and do my best this is going to be a great ride.

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