Monday, September 19, 2011

I lost my Mojo

I don’t know what my problem is.  It’s so tied to the stress in my life, the changing weather and lack of sleep but the fact is those are just more excuses.  I have no mojo.  I don’t have that push to get up and get moving, to avoid the temptations of the world.  Part of the issue is while I am not satisfied with where I am at, I am happy so its not pushing me to stay  focused and on track.

I don’t even know what to write to keep the post going. 

Today I went to work despite feeling like crap.  But then I wanted carbs, a bagel with PB.  I only ate half of it but I also had candy.  I am just making slow steps forward.  like 2 forward and 1 step back.  I was at 177 about a month ago but now I am ate 178 last week.  This morning I was at 184.  In the mean time I am rocking out at bootcamp – I moved up to the 62 pound KettleBell for swing.  I can push thru a workout but its because I have to in order to undo what I have done nutritionally.  I want to go back to workout for me not for damage control.

I have not run in a while.  The last time I ran was when my foot was sore for days afterwards.   Running use to let me clear my mind.  Its one hour of me pushing myself ..vs a trainer standing over me pushing me. Its one hour of me to think things thru verse the 20 minute one way drive to Next level of me thinking about the to do list.  so….

I figured its do or die time. I stayed on track this summer because I had something to focus on.  I needed that again I signed up for the toughest 10K in our area.  There is a 1 mile up hill run that is so freaking steep – you know the hills that colleges are built on..this hill is so steep it has 2 colleges.

So here’s the thing its 13 days away. and Like I said I have not run in about 21 days. I have no choice to eat well, I have no choice to stay focused and stay moving.  Did I mention my family is going, hubby, kids, mom, sister and maybe Bff and her kids?  yeah this race is 90 minutes away. afterwards they are having the best chicken bbq our area offers.  Then we are going to a pumpkin farm and cider mill. 

I am optimistic that this is the answer, that my funk is over.


LoriV. said...

Good job on signing up for another run. Those are often what keeps me going too!

Floriana said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling this way. Stress will do that to us. It's good to know you are optimistic, I am rooting for you and hope the funk really is over.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Why does our mojo sometimes get up and go? Glad to hear that optimism is in place and your funk is over.

alisonds said...

What a nightmare. I think we all go through those "flat" patches. I have found that the only way to keep me going is to find mini dates to aim for - even if it's just lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a while. From Monday I am starting a 12 week plan, it will take me up to 18th December - perfect for Christmas parties and heading home for lots of yummy dinner!

Kelly said...

Signing up for a tough 10K is one way to snap you out of this funk. I think it's great that your whole family will be there to support you!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Kristen, could it be possible that your mojo isn't really gone - it's just that you're burned out? I've been watching you conquer everything that's come your way these past few months; you've been literally on fire, working incredibly hard. I very well may be wrong, wrong, wrong here - so just ignore this comment if there's no relevance in it for you, but if you are feeling burned out, or like you need a break but still need something to keep you on track, maybe try another form of exercise - something new and good to your body that will still fuel that need to keep healthy. Rooting for you - big hugs!!

Hyla said...

Just keep swimming, make short term goals and meet them and move on to another!