Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weigh in

today I weigh in – long story short we can and are encouraged to wear jeans to work this week – so I weight in with jeans and had eaten breakfast.  Typically a no no for me.  The scale said I was down .4

My roller coaster has not ended for every up there is a down.

Interesting thing at work…I was asked to be apart of the wellness committee which is an agency wide group.  They are going to interview me for an upcoming article in our business journal on balance of work, family and wellness!  Today an email went out to the workforce today talking about the efforts of the committee.  About an hour later we all received an email that our local office Free state of the art fitness center was going to close each day before we get out of work.  Now the other agency that funds the fitness center is allow duty hours for fitness so it doesn’t really impact them.  But our 1200 employees are SOL.  Its really frustrating I sent some emails and hoping I could find a way to make a difference – I will keep you posted.

well time to sign off for the night.


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Congrats on the loss.

It really sucks that the fitness center will be closing - that seems really unfair!

Kelly said...

Any weight loss is great. Hope the gym issue clears up soon.

alisonds said...

Good luck on your quest to get the gym open later. That really sucks. Especially since there seems to de a real drive for wellness at your workplace. :( x