Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get up and get moving

I am testing new app on my phone so I hope this posts okay.  I feel muxh better!  I struggled all week..resulting in a 1.6 gain.  Putting me at 179.6   I am not happy  but I had myself to blame. 

Something changed yesterday...i had alot of chocolate do to stress at work but I still stayed in my calories...

This morning I am working at my unlaws farm stand.  I knew I wouldnt be able to go to bootcamp.  I also knew that wait till afterwards would lead no workout so I did my 30 minute run down to the farmstand and planning to do the same on the way back.

I was so surprised how well I did since I hadnt run in about a month.  And yesterdays bootcamp....1000 jump,ropes   we did 100 between each weight movement.   We thats all for now my battery is dieing.


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Is your mojo back?

alisonds said...

Well done for running this morning! I am rubbish at doing anything in the mornings! I also commend your 1000 jump ropes! xxx

Sarah said...

Well, despite the autocorrect wrong spelling of things, the app works better than mine does.. lol..

Congrats on getting the workout in.. and doing well at it.. :)