Sunday, April 24, 2011

One will not hurt you

If I hear that one more time this weekend. I am going to lay a smack down on someone!  Here the quick math of all the times I have heard that this weekend:

Muffin at bake sale 500
Fish Fry w/ FF and cole slaw 1500
Sugar cookies 200 (bc I know I would have had at least 2!)
Chicken wing Dip and chips 500
the other 1/2 of the cake from the shower 350
Brownie ice cream sundae 375
Baked Potatoes with cheese 275
TOTAL 3700

So yes one will hurt me.  I have made the decision not to eat it please accept that decision and support it!

Good luck to all you out there!  Are you running into the same problem.


Hyla said...

You tell them!! I have had problems with everyone calling my lifestyle change a diet, like Im going to stop

Shannie (akaSolidice242) said...

when you put it like this I definitely see your point! this is way too much sugar!(and calories) I know for sure I did some damage yesterday though thinking one wont hurt me. Stay Strong!

The Fat Mom said...

Love this!

Need to Get ME Back said...

EXACTLY!!!!! One wont hurt you, but one of everything and just having that kind of mentality WILL hurt you! I know what you're saying, I've heard it too. I make some joke about how if I just have one, its a slippery slope down from there. But seriously! I am so on board with you.

Kristen said...

I felt like i did okay with dinner today but i am stuffed and i ended up eating a 1/2 piece of pie along with a brownie.

Ellie said...

Here Here. I hate hearing that too!

Kaylen said...

I feel this pain!!!
Sugar cookies are my kryptonite. I can NEVER eat just one....I haven't made them in the last few years, though I LOVE making them, shaping them, decorating them, handing them out -but I can't do any of that without eating copious amounts!!!