Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Dinner

My grandfather had knee replacement surgery mid March.  He is still going to PT 3 times a grandmother must drive him to all his appointments.  Plus there is all the house work and outside stuff.  She is really exhausted from it,even at her young age of 79.  I wish I could go down and do more.  I work a 9 hour day, then there the gym, and Tyler has tball several times a week.  Its just not in the cards, my aunt doesn’t work and I would have thought she would be doing a little bit more. 

I told her I would handle Easter dinner.  So now I am trying to come up with a menu.  I prefer planning for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  So I am looking for suggestions. 

I need to merge healthy with what the family is use to.  Let me know if you have any good ideas or websites.  I will be doing some web searches tonight after the kids to to bed.

I hope to post more later!  I got new sneakers!!

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Kelly said...

Grilled lambchops with a mint/pesto sauce is one idea. I'm not a fan of baked ham, the traditional Easter dinner. Or you can bake a nice leg of lamb with veggies & potatoes.