Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring tee ball

I just wanted to check in quickly.  Not too much to update.  Its Hell week at bootcamp….I missed todays craziness. I could do it at home but…..

I have worked out every day since March 20th except for one.  I have not seen the scale move since Tuesday despite eating well and tracking my food.  I have been getting up at 430 but going back to bed because I am so sore.  So think at the moment I am going to just give myself a rest for tonight.

One of my favorite foods is ice cream. Today is the first day it has felt like spring here…we hit the Mid 50s!  Being a crazy New Yorker I wore open toe shoes today!  Today was also my son’s first Tee ball practice ( how did he get so big).  After practice we went to the ice cream place..they were having .49cent cones.  I only ate the bottom of Emma's cone, she had sucked the ice cream out.


She was very aggressive and possessive of her cone!  The Tee ball coach wants to have practice at the times I go to the gym. I can not go to the earlier sessions because that is when I get out of work and if I want to go to the later one I would still miss 1/2 Tyler's practice.  I am fine with missing practice but not the games.  However we have to be on the field with Ty so I was thinking about hiring a girl to watch emma.  That way david could be on the field and I could go to bootcamp on practice nights.  Does that make me a bad mom?  My in laws think I am nuts.

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Michelle said...

No it does not make you a bad mom!! hehe - I think in laws are generally nuts :)