Saturday, April 23, 2011


This weather is making me so tired.  I just made Easter baskets and hid eggs!  now I am getting ready for bed. Tomorrow will be busy as I am cooking.  Thankfully I don’t like a lot of the food I am cooking so I am hoping the keeps me from eating too much.

The baby shower today only had snack food – I had only ate a protein shake expecting to be severed lunch at the afternoon event.  So I filled up my cake plate with veggies and fruit. But then I had 1 tablespoon of taco dip that turned in to 4 and a handful of chips.  oh then their was the 4 chocolate covered strawberries and 1/2 slice of cake. I have no idea how many calories I ate but before going to the shower I had eaten 455 and Since coming home I have under 400.  I think I am okay.  I didn’t hit my water goal today.  And I forgot my HRM to see how many calories I burned at the 10am boot camp.  it had to of been good for 500 calories. We shall see!  WI 2 days away!

Well off to bed!  Happy Easter!!

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