Monday, April 25, 2011

Weigh in Day

Today was weigh in day. I didn’t know what to expect the last week I was like a roller coaster.  Then with Easter who knew how it was going to go!  Lucky for me I was down 2 pounds  I still have .4 to go to make up the damage from last weeks weigh in.   That puts me at 201.8..could this be the week I break out of the 200’s?!!!
I did my best to stay out of trouble during yesterdays calorie-fest I mean holiday!  Once my children crashed from their candy high I hit the T’Mill for an hour.  I did the interval training ranging from 4mph to 6mph outside my warm up and cool down. According to my HRM it was 1100+ calories burned. 
Today I walked at lunch with the office nurse and a co-worker.  Then I went to bootcamp for a strength training session after work.  That was 500+calories burned!
Other non-scale victories this week:
  • I fit into my “thermometer” jeans!  a few months ago I couldn’t even get them on.
  • I realized I could wrap and overlap my fingers around my wrist, and wrap a normal size towel around me!
  • I am gaining on my husband!!!
I had photos for this post but they are not working so I hope you don’t mind just reading!  I am getting sleepy have a great night!

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Hyla said...

Whoo Hooo! You are almost there!

You have an award on my blog!