Sunday, May 22, 2011


The other day I went shopping for new summer clothes!  I was so happy and excited to purchase…..

SIZE 10!

I was so surprised but happy!  the brands were sonoma, Apt 9, AB studio.  In one brand I did go up to a 12 but its so much nicer feeling then my size 20 one year ago. 

Back in March my girlfriend gave me 2 bags of clothes most of which were too small. but I kept them anyway.  I knew I would fit into them soon. Well I was not expecting them this soon!  Check out the photo below of me in size 10 American Eagle jeans!


2 months ago I couldn’t get them over my hips!  Well off to bed, tomorrow is weigh in day.  I don’t have any expectations after dropping 8+ pounds in 2 weeks.


PlushBelle said...

Great job Kristen! :)

alisonds said...

Well done. You look great! Buying smaller clothes is such a great feeling! x