Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello kitty Cake Balls (Oreo balls)

When I started planning Emma’s 2nd birthday I originally planned a Strawberry shortcake and ice cream party.  I totally could pull I off with some great summer cupcakes.  But in May I realized she had no clue who strawberry shortcake was and she loved “kitty-kats”.  Enter the hello kitty theme!


The plan was a typical picnic lunch with a full on ice cream social.  All of the kids in attendance love ice cream, and most of the adults!  I knew cupcakes would be a waste, the kids would only eat the frosting and I would have more left over then eaten.  Enter the idea of cake balls…they were little bites and so easy to eat and walk around with.  That’s when I found these:

Here Kitty, Kitty! IMG_0951

The website is here with full instructions.  I decided to make just the hello kitty but I love the ice cream cone ones! 

Because Emma is a huge Oreo fan instead of using cake I made them with Oreos and cream cheese. this could have been mistake #1!   I chopped the Oreos in my food processor and then added the cream cheese. I rolled them into the shape as stated in the instructions.  I melted some choc and dipped the sticks in before inserting into the hello kitty heads.  I then place them in the freeze to set.

The instructions said to use white choc. chips to make the ears but I had dark choc and figured they would be fine (mistake #2).  after attaching the ears I started dipping them in the hot melted chocolate.  The chocolate started melting the ears and I had brown streaks in my hello kitty! This  was not as noticeable when I switched to the pink chocolate.

It was hot and humid here, so I had to work in batches rotating them in and out of the freeze other wise the Oreo ball would split in half when I dipped it in the chocolate.  I should of melted my chocolate in batches too.  The last few it was starting to set (mistake #3).


I tried to draw the face with the edible pens they sell at the craft stores but they do not write on melt chocolate (mistake #4).  So I ran out and picked up some gel writers to make the face!

You could see the Oreo thru some of the faces but if I had used the cake instead I think it wouldn’t of showed up (the pink looked better).  But they were a hit and tasted good (I ate a few too many )  I would certainly make them again especially for a kids party.


I still have some summer cupcake if you are having a party let me know!!


Hyla said...

I have Guinevere's birthday party coming up in a week!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

So cute!!

Kelly said...

What is it with the cupcake craze lately? Cupcakes are everywhere! Oh, and it's supposed to get even more humid in NY by the end of the week. =(