Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“if I could just lose 200 pounds”

I am watching extreme weight loss makeover from last night.  The lady featured on the show weigh in at 456, she said “if I could just lose 200 pounds” I would be so happy.  that would put her at about where I started.  She has such a journey ahead of her.

Her mother is a total bitch…these are the quotes that made me want to kick her ass via the TV:  “I did everything I could to get you to lose weight but I had 3 other kids to raise”  “I need her to lose the weight because I don’t want to raise her kids, I already raised my kids”  She was a total bitch and made her daughter feel like she wasn’t good enough for her mother.

I have mixed emotions of this show….1) extremely overweight people are getting help – good!  2) they are losing a lot of weight fast – Danger  3)They make them weigh in at first in the basement on the freight scale.  “because there isn’t a scale big enough for you” – Such BS because they 3 months later are weighing them in at their home on a scale. Its so degrading to them.  grrr. 

4) the impact on society. .. we see these people losing hundreds of pounds in 365 days. the first 90 days they are only working out and not working – not really in the real world.  The second 90 days they are back to work and doing it on their own without the trainer guy helping.  Now I do think there are some camera tricks here A) I don’t think its really the timeline they are saying – now could this training spend 90days with all these people?? B) they are all hitting “goals” set by the trainer by 1 pound or exactly that number (really? if you trainer tells you to lose 60 pounds in 90 days you lose exactly 60??) hmm…shady

So if you weigh in this week and lose one pound after watching someone drop hundreds in 365 days how are you going to feel?  One pound is amazing that’s 50 pounds in a year if you are consistent.  We all know what its like to lose 1 pound and what it takes.   one pound is success but Don’t you think it could discourage someone?  “ugh a pound, I am so over weight what is a pound?” and then they binge eat and gain it back. 

I have such a love hate relationship with these shows.  I really prefer too fat for 15, it shows the ups and downs, the effort it takes and that 1 pound is a big deal.  What do you all think?


Miss S. said...

I could not agree with you more. I wanted her to look at her mom & say if I died I wouldn't let a bitch like you have my awesome kids! Also the freight scale is clearly for ratings. And exercising for 4 hours is extreme.

I liked her story though, she really needed it and I hope she continues. Did you see the week before? The guy was a food addict, my heart hurt for him.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I've watched and also have mixed feelings. And I'd like to know what happens to them after the show ends.