Friday, July 8, 2011

Love your arms month!


Okay yesterday at Ellen’s it was moving mountains day.   Here is what I posted for an update and for my July goals:

Did we skip a week how is June over already, half of 2011 is gone!! Thanks to this weeks 2.2 gain my weight loss for the month was only 5.4 but a loss is a loss! I had plans to make June my Arms month – I wanted to work on my plank and build my arm strength. After about 10 days my enthusiasm died down! Thankfully my trainer was there to step in – he has added core sessions to the start of every workout. I was able to do some real push ups without dropping my hips but it wasn’t many and it was a struggle. My training for my runs are all going well. The 5K is this weekend and I am up to almost 6 miles on my 10K training.

So here are my July goals…..
1) July will be learning to love your arms. Dang it, its tank top season and I’m “ARMED” with some good and bad features! I plan to keep building my strengths so I can do those real push -ups without struggling but I am also going to focus on being comfortable with them as they are!
2) I will continue with my weight loss journey
3) I will continue with my 10K training so that I am comfortable with a 6mile run.
4) I hope to report a great run time for this weekend 5K!
5) I would like to be able to run for 25 minutes without a break

So here are my good features


Strength (above)

I have never had that lined definition between my shoulder and bicep.  Looks hot right! (just don’t look at the flabby bottom of the arm)


Collar bones!!!


So Kelly they are not sweaty but they are preshower!!! photos!

Well we are off to build a bear today its my daughters 2nd bday!


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Kelly said...

Whoa girl - look at those guns! Love the photos!!