Thursday, August 4, 2011

WI and craving

Today was weigh in after two weeks.  I was down 2 pounds!  So I guess my vacation rules worked!
A few hours later mother nature showed up.  and right now I want to kick her butt! I will spend the next week undoing the damage I did this afternoon.
Today is the first time I really wanted peanut butter, since I said goodbye.  I  have easily ate 600 calories in the last 2 hours.   All I want is a damn spoonful of pb but I said goodbye.  now I am eating everything in site.  I am suppose to be grocery shopping but I fear what I may bring home if were to go.
well at the very least I will pack the camper since we are leaving tomorrow for the Adirondacks.  today is my rest day (minus my 4 mile walk) which is good because my back is killing me.  I may have a date with the tennis ball tonight to workout some knots!!
Have a great one!!! Smile


Fat in Suburbia said...

Have a great time! Step away from the peanut butter!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Oh I've done that... eaten everything else while not eating what I really wanted. Makes me question the logic of it. But trust me, the longer you go without PB the less you'll crave it:)

Kelly said...

Great WI!

Michelle said...

Yay! Great loss! Dang mother nature. I had a horrible couple of days and then boom, I figured out why. YOu'd think I would learn.

alisonds said...

Well done on the loss! x